Oh, Universe! You Are Unfolding As You Should Be.

I got some disappointing news yesterday.

Yet, in the disappointment (yes, I’m going to continue being deliberately vague), I feel happier than I’ve felt in a while.

So why do I feel so happy?

I think a large part of it is the support network I have. The responses I’ve received from friends, who know the details, has been amazingly encouraging. This morning alone, I received a note inspiring me to keep moving with a great quote and another that simply said, “You are meant for greater things, your own path will be bigger, better and more spectacular.”  – I couldn’t agree more!

I’ve also learned, between yesterday afternoon and this morning to just be happy for what I DO have. Fairly simple concept, I know! But see that’s just it-it’s too simple! So many people aren’t happy with what they have.

I would not say that I’m not happy with what I have, I am in fact extremely happy, but my impatience often doesn’t allow me to breathe in the air and be happy. It brims and festers and often times has me huffing, puffing, and getting ready to eat a fat pig.

If you’ve managed to hear my ramblings about how busy I am, you’ve also heard me say, “I can not wait for November 6th to pass when my life goes back to normal”. You must then know that I’ve just been overwhelmed and impatient. I’ve discussed before how I tend to load heaping scoops of activities on my plate (quite an analogy when you consider my weight and eating habits) and then rush around to get it all done.  Meaning that I just can’t wait for this or that activity to be over so I can move on. In fact what I NEED is to enjoy and embrace these moments! Even the ones that leave me tired and crabby. If I don’t, they’ll fly by (anyone else notice how quickly September has flown?) and I won’t even remember what happened. I don’t want that!

This morning, I woke up earlier than normal, did some quick design edits, prepared my lunch, showered, brewed my coffee, made breakfast and realized that I’ve got time. I’ve got time to get these orders done, focus on what I hope/want the new year (that is quickly approaching) to bring  and enjoy happy healthy time for myself.

We tend to focus on the idea that we’re running out of time. We never have enough time! I think it’s common especially for individuals who have lost an important person in their life-you realize that time is so precious and life is short-but I don’t think that I’m going to die tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I never think about the how and whens of my impending death, I just think about how awesome my death party is going to be (seriously).  Regardless, the fact is we do have time. We have time for all the things that are important to us. They are individual, so to some it’s spending time with family, to others it’s working out and to some it’s personal time. I’m not judging on this, we are all unique and therefore it makes sense that I spend time communicating, but I also need to spend time communicating with myself and that includes listening to my body so that I can take care of it so that it helps me continue running around at the manic speed I am of late.

So where does this leave me now?

Hardly disappointed! In the next month, I have a ton going on, but after November 6th, I will be done with quite a bit-

  • Blogging session for The {NewNew} that I’m hosting
  • Crafts in Chelesa
  • Running the NYC Marathon
  • Halloween
  • Holiday product planning and creation
  • Website official launch
  • Girls Love Mail charity campaign
  • Designing so many freaking pieces!

As I write this, I’m already excited by the opportunities that they will open for me.

More importantly, I think the key thing that happened in the disappointment (I am not talking about being stood up Monday night either),  is that I found acceptance. Do I wish the outcome had been different, sure, but as I realized last night, this happened for a reason. I know it did. I know that I’m being guided. I also know that I’m in my current space to learn something more. The question is am I learning? And so all I can do is open my eyes a bit wider, my ears a bit more, and really get my butt in motion. It is time to stop dawdling and make stuff happen!

I am so excited with this new opportunity that the Universe has presented. Of course, I can’t quite see it; it’s a bit hazy, but I know it’s there and I know I’m within reach. For now, I’m going to make, create, write, fix, run, finish my commitments, smile the entire time, and breathe.   I don’t promise to have all good days, but I promise to be a bit happier for the fact that I have had that day.


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