Recipe Cards

I was getting ready to write a wordy posting about working with your hands and realized I don’t do enough self-promotion on MY blog, so I’ve scratched today’s “intelligent” and “useful” article to share photos (which helps me add some photos to the mix of words).  If you click on a photo, you’ll be taken to my Etsy page to look some more and order. Yep! Call me scandalous…

Personalized Recipe Cards:

Inspired by the wife of a friend, these cards begged to be made. They did. I ate some apple crisp a la Caroline and the recipe cards came to my mind and said, “SARA, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE US!”

They’re a twist on old and new; kind of modern, but definitely rooted in the past. I know many a time where I have not cared about recipe cards. I mean even now, I have cook books and a binder full of copies of recipes from cooking magazines, but I don’t have cards with my mother’s recipes in these books or binder.  I also know that my mother doesn’t have recipes with her mother’s recipes on them; she has them stored in her brain, which doesn’t help me. Eureka! Christmas gift idea just now!

As with all of my designs, the idea is that you’re not overwhelmed by design, you’re inspired to write. I think that’s the case of these cards.  They are personalized, as you can see from the two examples below and are a jiff (on my end) to create.  I think they’re prefect for Christmas gifts, bridal showers, new home gifts, and even just for the cooks in your life.

Brooklyn Specific Recipe Cards:

You know, because Brooklynites are kind of like aliens in their own world. I’m SO JUST KIDDING! I’m originally from Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn. Which is why Brooklyn gets more love than the other Boroughs.

Contact me if you’re interested in ordering anything, or just visit Etsy.

Monday, I’ll return with more wordy postings. Although, I may provide a sneak peak of holiday items as I get ready for Crafts in Chelsea!  Enjoy the weekend!


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