March/April Favorites


It’s taken me some time, but I’m back with my favorite articles for the month, except this time it is for two months. Woot! There are still quite a few articles I haven’t included in here, but for the most part I’m getting closer to catching up. So stay tuned. May is tomorrow….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


This article is short, sweet, and AWESOME! I’ve often suffered from resentment and feeling burned out and this article has me ready to sit down with a notepad and figure out what is “my resentment”. What made me hate my old 9-to-5 and what makes me feel unmotivated and unhappy in any office environment. It also has me wanting to figure out what makes me resent my own business. Everyone should do this.

To stress or not to stress? This article is all about letting stress flow and you know what, I kind of agree.


As a designer, creator, consumer, individual and artist, I really believe in the power of using design to help shape better life choice consumerism. Completely and wholeheartedly. This is worth a read!

How to design a logo. Very interesting stuff and some great points too about whether you actually need a new logo, or just need to change up your marketing. Something every business whether large or small should consider and be aware of.

This article isn’t so much about design, but about stuff and art and needing stuff and minimalism not working. It’s a great way to describe how I feel about making “stuff” and having “stuff”, but making sure it is all stuff that matters to me. Design plays a roll in that. Read it my friend.


Megan Auman of Designing An MBA, punched me in the face with this article. Having recently figured out how to separate my service profit from supplies and fees, I’m on the path to creating profit, hopefully, and better than I have in the past 2+ years.

Dailyworth is on point and I love reading their short and sweet articles. Recently they had one about knowing your worth and value and it ties in very nicely with Megan’s article about creating profit. This is something that I’ve recently figured out and have started to price accordingly. I mean that I’ve always known my value, but I get full of fear when I talk price and that’s NOT COOL. This article helps me to remember that every time I sit down and figure out price. Hopefully it will for you, too!


I MUST meet this man. I am planning on emailing him. 🙂


What motivates you as an entrepreneur? I kind of new what motivated me, but I wasn’t too sure and so I jumped at the opportunity to take this quiz last month after reading the March issue of Inc Mag. This is what motivates me. Of course I one of the options I chose fluctuates with a few of the other options, but altruism and autonomy stay definitely. Here are my results:
I highly recommend you take the quiz, too and find out what motivates you:

From the same pages of Inc comes Norm Brodsky, the veteran entrepreneur who writes a column called Street Smarts, where entrepreneurs can send in a question and he gives them his advice. He recently invested in an industry that assists the fracking business and while I’m 100% against fracking, I do enjoy Norm’s no-nonsense opinions on business approach and strategy. Anyhow, while reading his column last month, I whole-heartedly agreed with his thoughts on “the new breed of entrepreneur” – the ones like me and many others out there. We can be called the etsy/ebay/online business breed-the ones who have full-time jobs and run a business on the side that depends on the internet. He’s absolutely correct that because they are less difficult, less expensive, and less risky they are troubling. You can read the full article here: What I can say about my agreement is this-I am running a half-assed business on the side. It’s rewarding, but it’s difficult because it doesn’t require all the risk. Stepping out of my comfort zone to make this happen on my own is more risky that staying at my old 9-to-5 while running my business. There comes a point where in order to be a real entrepreneur, you have to take the leap. Read the article here:


This article made me happy. Why? Because I like when things that people fawn over are perceived from the other side.  As much as I have enjoyed TED talks and other videos of inspiration, I find that verbal communication is the bedrock of our foundation and it is something that is free. While the video’s are free to the masses, the actual events are not and I have a problem with that.  Yes, many of our greatest leaders have inspired by the masses through speeches, look at how many quotes I turn to in moments of encouraging need, but an 18-minute speech should not be a reminder of the class issues in our country.  I think this article does a great job of sharing the history and the current status of the TED program and the competitive business model it has inspired. Much like any commodity it has reached it’s peak, not just in the form of content, but in the amount of other talks created and in the skepticism in the program itself. Okay, maybe I’m the skeptic here. I don’t deny that TED video’s have definitely created a cultural phenomenon, but if you’re going to speak in inspiring manners, it should be open to everyone and not everyone on the internet.

I’ve never really been a fan of The Wizard of Oz, but I do admit that it is a wonderful story full of important life lessons.  This article written by guest writer Pamela Wilson on The Mogul Mom, April 9th, is phenomenal! As I read it, I went through a mental checklist of my peeps and I have to say, I’m so lucky to have them.  Who is on your journey? Do you feel lucky to have them? If you don’t, you should find the right peeps-they’ll make the road all the much better.

Chris Guillebeau strikes gold, AGAIN! This article is a must read for everyone. Really it is. It’s his 34 lessons life had taught him and he opens up the floor to everyone to create their own list. Of course, I’d needs days to put mine together, but I agree with every point he puts up there. I went ahead and added my own about allowing ourselves to feel everything. Regardless, this list is something that needs to be hung up to remind ourselves of what makes our lives unique and worth living and fighting for.×5/34-things


LOVED this article! Mostly because it sums up what I mentally debate about myself and my business all the time!

This article gives me the spooks! I know that we’re being watched, but I’ve never really wanted to believe the hype of big brother . This article proves it is reality and why consumers and small businesses, while yes should market to the right target, should also never so freely give away their personal business.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I miss my weekly Forbes magazine subscription. Alas, it’s just me and the website and that means I don’t read nearly as much as I used to of the magazine that used to make me mad.  Anyhow, this article about the instagram buyout by Facebook and the greatness of small businesses really made me smile. As I sit aware that I need to put my head down to create results for my own company, I am glad I read this article. It’s a great kick in the butt. Not that I’m trying to be acquired by Facebook or any other large company for that matter, but it gives me pride in what I am trying to build. Definitely a must read!

What’s the difference between a company that tries to be everything to everyone, versus a company that focuses on it’s niche and core? This article will tell you! Using a comparison between Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s a great summary of what everyone starting a business should know and learns time and time again-you can’t be everything to everyone.


“Elegance requires that you subtract.” That’s Matthew E. May’s strategy for being an effective leader. I’ve ripped this article out of the magazine and added it to my purse as a reminder of the kind of leader I want to be- efficient, make an impact, and be a minimalist. It IS possible.

What makes an extraordinary boss? This list is a great resource for all bosses to read. Of course, not everyone can be an extraordinary boss, but if you try to practice some of these, you can be a great boss for any employee. I also find this interesting because I come from having one boss, to having another and it’s quite true how they describe the average boss to the extraordinary one.


I don’t know when this was published, but I read it the last full week of April and so it counts for this month’s articles-to-read. It’s amazing how irrational and illogical we are. This is good to keep in mind, given that we are sellers and buyers and we’re constantly looking for our “target market”.

Until next month…keep reading!



May Favorites

Hi Readers!

This post was meant to go out yesterday, but in the flurry of, “WHAT?! It’s already May 31st?!” and my cousin graduating high school, I got a bit behind. Regardless, May was a doozy and you’ll soon find out! I can honestly say that all the printing, cutting (I don’t have cuts on my hands to show how much I’ve been cutting, but I did grow tired of the cutting machine soon after beginning), I am seeing the fruit of my labor.

Between Sunday and Monday morning/afternoon/evenings I found myself wrapping some stationery product in the wrappers I’ve created and sealing with my new labels. All I can say is that it was/is one of the most gratifying and exciting feelings EVER! Well, one of them.  See, I often feel this way after completing a customized stationery order. The difference here is that these products haven’t been tested. I’m taking a risk and accepting my love for them and hoping that people, especially people who attend the concerts at Celebrate Brooklyn!, will love them, too, or at the very least like them a bit more than just like and a little less under love (I think that’s a happy medium!), to buy them.

Anyhow, in the mix that was, and still is Celebrate Brooklyn! production and completion (I have less than a week! Eeps!), I have done some great reading and the links are all below. There should be more, but I’m running a bit behind on my reading schedule and so c’est la vie, until I change that. Until then, enjoy the following. Oh and happy June!


I LOVE to knit! I’m currently knitting right now. I think this is a great idea for anyone who knits and loves to throw parties. Fun, fun!

I LOVE this idea! What if I made you a recycled newspaper scarf (there goes that knitting again!)?


Funny isn’t it how when you’re feeling a certain way things have a knack for finding you. Or better yet, the way you feel brings you the things you need the most? This section is all about dealing with what I experienced earlier this month. I didn’t feel like a failure as much as things aren’t happening as fast as I want them. Alas, I got things under control and reigned in my emotions, but the day I decided to man up, I read these articles and was wowed at how timely they were.

I don’t know that I suffer from these three obstacles, but I can see how anyone can and it’s important to know that there are out there and that you can stop them.

I need to print this and carry it around with me always. Some great tips!

ANY article that starts off with, “Ignorance and arrogance are the artist and entrepreneur’s indispensable allies. She must be clueless enough to have no idea how difficult her enterprise is going to be—and cocky enough to believe she can pull it off anyway.” has my vote from the beginning. My other favorite, “Fear saps passion.” Don’t let it sap yours! Keep reading!

I am a loyalist to Chris’s thoughts and philosophies. Maybe because they are like mine. Either way, this article is for everyone struggling like me to get out of bed and do a job that you’re not so passionate about.×5/the-good-job/?awt_l=8ByzZ&awt_m=1gDDRXsrPsnt7W

This article is SO SPOT ON! READ IT!×5/redefining-risk/?awt_l=8ByzZ&awt_m=1gFN.uLhPsnt7W

Practice, Practice, Practice and wake up loving it!×5/rain-running/?awt_l=8ByzZ&awt_m=1fnpF3zDjsnt7W

This one goes under success because it’s about how we place value on what we’re selling. Very important.

Megan is just spot on. Really, I just just make my monthly favorite’s a dedicated spot for Megan because I post a lot of her articles. This one is just as true as the above. As someone who is in the “stationery/paper” industry, I know how easy it is to do what other people are doing, which is why I try not to. I know it’s not just my industry either, I know it happens in jewelry and clothes. So ask why and then stay focused on that way. I know that’s what I’m doing!


Oh, Irony. Do you know how to use it?


I definitely over think. It’s not good. However, I also know that without overthinking about somethings, I would not have grown as exponentially as I have in the last year. It’s a give/take. Some things definitely need to be overthought, most does not. The question is how do you figure out which do and don’t and how do you stop it from taking over? This is powerful!

I have always been 100% behind being Sara. Always. I hate being grouped. I hate being asked what where I come from. I really dislike when people label me in general. Which is why I’m adding this article by Chris Guillbeau, of course, to the list this month. When you’re an entrepreneur, you are different and it is a good idea to come to terms and accept that you’re not going to fit into any one particular box.×5/hello-my-name-is/?awt_l=8ByzZ&awt_m=1dQ9gJL1Msnt7W

And just when I wanted to go out and buy something pricey, I read this and remembered why I love, and have always loved, that full-of-himself man named Thoreau.


I didn’t graduate from Syracuse, or in May of 2011, but I swear he was talking to me!

I tell myself “Sara, YOU are an artist” almost every day. It’s worth it and it reminds me why I love doing what I do.

I’m always thinking about sustainability and business and how S2 is going to be a sustainable business. I love articles that show how you can keep being sustainable, doing good and make profits. THIS is the area all businesses should REALLY be looking into.

This posting is so good! I am a knitter by hobby, which means I enjoy the entire creative process involved and end up making blankets and scarves and the like for friends and loved ones, but more than just enjoying knitting, I love how Tammy writes about the lessons behind knitting. As I read this posting, I definitely agreed with what she has learned and realized that I’ve never truly explored all then ways and things you can learn from knitting. Often times, I talk about lessons I’ve learned from running, etc, but there are lessons to behold in everything we spend our time exploring.

This one is GOOD! So good! When I read it early in the month, I was struck at how timely Megan is with the two ceilings that an entrepreneur can hit. The question is how will I tackle this? Working on a strategy!

Do you sell on Etsy? Are you curious about finding certain data in your analytics? READ THIS!

I wrote a blog last week about scarcity and the implications of it and then Ms. Megan went and wrote about making one-of-a-kind products. Go figure! She’s right, though!

To trade show or not? I’m not nearly trade show ready, BUT I really enjoyed reading Megan’s (yes, another article by her) take on this and I also really loved her comment, “Despite all our reliance on technology and social media, we still crave physical connections with people and objects. ” Read the full article and watch the video response:


Yeah, what does it mean to have money? I’ve never really had money, just enough to keep paying debt. But what about when I do (because I will!)? What then? Tara Gentile, gives a great thought about this on Daily Worth.


I came across this article on The Atlantic on May 12th and understood it immediately. I have used Groupon and I’ve definitely overspent in the case of restaurant coupons, but I’ve often wondered how exactly do both parties benefit from the program. I’ve also noticed that the deal that roped me in is not the same caliber of deals that are being offered currently and so I end up deleting the emails and paying less and less attention to the whole online discount coupon programs that seem to be popping up every way you turn. Needless to say, I think this is a great way to begin really looking in-depth at the cases of these programs, especially for small and new business owners.

Following the article above, I present this article, which you can find in the above article. This is a first hand account of a business owner who used Groupon last year and lost big time. Sometimes it’s important to hear about experiences especially when they are open and honest. It’s also a great way to learn that somethings are not always what they seem. I’m curious to know how many other businesses have stories like this and if they’d be willing to share them.

Just 29 days until the next list of articles!