Coincidence and Inspiration…

Or one of my favorite quotes, “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” — Max Ehrmann (Desiderata: A Poem for a Way of Life)

And so…

I woke up Tuesday morning and felt coincidence in the air. Kind of the way, I can look at a pink sky in the winter and feel the snow that is about to fall. It’s a bit off. I know.

This kind of reminds me of how I used to tell my brother that I could see air. I can’t see air. I’ve never been able to see air, BUT I used to space out and would see these particles floating in the air. More than likely dust, but I still would tell my brother, “I can see air!” He’s quickly tell me that I couldn’t and that would be that.

Alas, Tuesday morning, I woke up and felt coincidence. Then I came to work and told my coworker that I felt coincidence in the air that we had to be ready to deal with all that was going to happen. I’m not really going to delve into why I felt so strongly about coincidence, but it does involve a name and the fact that the person who the name belonged to was on my brain and then I started reading a book where the name popped up and then Tuesday morning as I sat at my desk talking to my coworker who was reading an email to me written by a guy with the same name, another coworker with the same name called me. Oy, coincidence, you are both my friend and foe!

And folks, the coincidences did not stop there! The only thing is I can’t quite remember them. What I can tell you, though, is that as the day went on and then yesterday came, I felt like all the little moments that had made up the past two days were in fact destined.

Yes, I know some people think destiny is bull.

Yes, I know that I am the captain of my ship and therefore what I do is what I do and if I make things happen, then I make them happen. BUT I also believe in the great wide universe. I believe she helps and when you ask for things, she listens and helps you find what you, we, me, all of us are looking for.

I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Which means keeping aware that coincidences are things that are meant to happen and just take part in making the bigger picture more recognizable and inspiring.

Having started last weekend, while dog sitting for a friend (I’ve considered taking up dog walking/sitting as a potential job for when I make my Sasquatch step), photographing and attending the Long Island City CSA Farmer Meet and Greet event, shopping for last-minute necessary items for my products for Celebrate Brooklyn! and having amazing, in-depth conversations about life, goals and purpose over amazing meals with friends and family, I knew that good things were to come this week.

And it did! Yesterday morning, I attended this AMAZING breakfast through Gotham Media Ventures called: Women and the Entrepreneurial Spirit in New York. The panel consisted of four amazing women:

Ellie Cachette, CEO, ConsumerBell
Holly Hurd, Serial Entrepreneur; Founder,
Sheelah Kolhatkar, Assistant Managing Editor, Bloomberg Business Week; Author, “If Women Ran Wall Street,” NY Magazine
Wendy Weinstein Karp, Co-Owner PLATES Restaurant; Owner W2K Marketing Consultant

All of these women were different in how they went about their business ideas and planning, yet all of them were the same in how passionate they are about their businesses and following their dreams. Amazing stuff, ladies and gents!

The key points that I took away from the session are:

1. Successful women are:
-Focused on work
-Don’t have time for very many outside activities
-Are very determined and almost have an immigrant mentality that makes them willing to do whatever it takes.
2. When you hire people on board, hire people you can enjoy and who will empower you.
3. Never be afraid to ask for help from family and friends and to talk, talk, talk about yourself to everyone and anyone. You never know who your friends and family know and how they can be of help.
4. YOU are the brand! So remember to control your content, your SEO, your social media.
5. Find your Niche.
6. Rather than who is your target, always ask the following: “What are the people whom you are trying to reach going to believe?”
7. If you go to a networking event (like this) and it doesn’t work for you and you know you’re going to leave, make sure you give your card out to at least 5 people. No matter what, tell your story, shake hands and kiss babies. That’s your role as the CEO.
8. Dreams don’t come true when you just think about them part-time. (LOVE THIS ONE!)
9. Don’t accept no as an answer. Be relentless!
10. Always move forward.

I left completely and totally star truck, but not by fame and fortune, instead by women and the potential of women. I was also struck by how honest and open these women were about their lives, goals, and dreams. All of these women had amazing things to say. They all talked about what they would have done differently and what inspired them to go off now. They talked about following instincts and also planning. They also talked about realizing when you, as a woman, an employee, and as an individual, need to reassess your life and wants and take the opportunity.

The last bit is something that I think everyone as individuals needs to do and experience regularly, not just when a large shift occurs. It’s so easy to continue going in circles trying to figure out safety nets for the leap, but sometimes you just have to leap and the net appears.

In the past two weeks, I’ve come from under that overwhelmed, unmotivated, and deeply unhappy place to realize that I’ve got to keep moving. I’ve been fortunate enough to see all the wonderful signs that the universe and my wonderful friends have thrown my way and I feel a bit lighter and brighter.

Rather than feeling stuck, I now feel excited (Celebrate Brooklyn! is two weeks away!) and ready, now, more than ever, to make bigger steps. No more baby steps (please tell me you’ve seen “What About Bob?”); I’m making teenage steps now. Next will come young adult steps, 20-something steps, adult steps and finally the big step, the Sasquatch step. When I do, you’ll know!

If you’re planning and plotting for your Sasquatch step, good luck! Always know that there are things, positive and amazing things waiting for you when you do. Also, you’ll know when to take it. You’ll feel it like a jolt, or a shock or much like when the air just speaks to you. Keep your eyes open for the coincidences, signs, and occurrences and be inspired and inspire.