Recent Custom Projects Review – A Birthday Invitation + A We’ve Moved Announcement

In two weeks, what is the current custom design area of S2 Stationery & Design will shut down for some much needed time off, as well as a reorganization. It’s time to figure out what I really want to be offering custom wise and the time is right to do so now.

In the past few months, I’ve done a handful of custom projects that I’m really proud of and want to share. I’ll do this a few times over the next few weeks leading up to October 1st and may even offer a ranking of my favorite custom projects of all time. We’ll see.

Of my most recent projects, I want to share today these two. They made appearances on social media – facebook, instagram and twitter, I’m sure, but that’s not the same as making an appearance on the blog!

First up, we have an “I’ve Moved” postcard designed for a friend of mine that recently moved into her new home in Seattle. I was super stoked to design this card since the town she lives in is called “Rat City.” I have a soft spot for Rats, thanks to Ratatouille and Pizza Rat in NYC.

As I was doing research to figure out what could go on the back, I decided to look into the nickname, “Rat City” and created a trivia theme. I swear, I did not know that trivia is one of my friend’s favorite things – it’s been quite some time since we last hung out. Once she saw that option, it was a simple decision on her end and I was pleased that an idea actually turned out to be something that literally hit home for her. I was also really pleased with the rat – he doesn’t have eyes, but he’s got that tail that gives some the chills.


At the same time that I finished up this order, I finished up a quick custom order I received through Etsy for a birthday celebration invitation. The customer emailed me regarding my glitter lined envelope initial sets and asked if I could do an invite based on her mom’s favorite color pink. I said I could and mixed and matched pink and gold for a festive birthday celebration.

The letters were cut using my cricut machine and then turned into stickers using a small xyron machine that comes with adhesive paper. All I needed to do was peel the letters off and make sure they were placed center on each invite. It was not a long process at all and they came out beautifully. The customer loved them. I do too!

I’m going to put these up as a listing on Etsy. And yes, this does count as a custom item, but it’s not a full-on custom item. Customers will be able to change the letter and details of the invite. I won’t be going crazy drawing and scanning and folding, etc.


When I look at these items, I’m awed that I made them, but also smile knowing that I made items that were truly loved and are in hands of people loved, too.


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