A Couple Gets Married Today! (And Why I Love Weddings)

I love weddings. I always have.

When I was young, say 20 years young than I am now, I used to devour Martha Stewart Weddings Magazines. I’m serious. I ripped out pages of dresses, flowers, cakes, invitations, and lets be honest, anything else I thought was pretty, or cute, or that I would one day want at my own wedding.

Let that soak in for a minute, please.

At the age of 13, I was already planning my fantasy, Disney-esque wedding, complete with the domestic goddess, Martha Stewart’s blessing.  In other words, I was that girl. The girl that men are advised to not marry now. The ones that seem to only want to get married to have a wedding.

Now, while this may seem a bit crazy, it was fun. It was a lot of fun to be a 13 year old gal dreaming and planning her future wedding. And I suppose it makes all the more sense now that as a 33 year old single woman, who hasn’t had her fantasy wedding (please note, my idea of my wedding now is much different than then!), I have fun helping brides plan their own weddings via their invitations.

The road to owning my own stationery company has been largely based on custom orders. Since the beginning, I have had the pleasure to work with various clients, who I have gotten to know and love. Some of them have become friends through the process. For example, I had one client who asked me to dog/apartment sit for them while they went out of town for a weekend. I did it without any problems, mostly because it allowed me to finish their order and leave it for them on their table ready to address and mail out. That’s the kind of service I like to provide. Happy customers equal happy Sara and happy business.

I could easily regale you with more stories like the one above from past clients, but I won’t. Instead I want to share a couple who are getting married today, Friday, September 19th in a town I spent many years of my youth – Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

The Bride is someone I knew in high school. We had several AP classes together. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to reconnect in the way that many of us do now. When she got engaged, I announced via Facebook that I had quit my job and was going down the path of full-time entrepreneurship. She contacted me via Facebook message almost immediately to ask if we could talk about wedding invitations.

Earlier this year, in February when I drove to Chicago for my good friend’s wedding, I was able to sit down with the Bride and Groom to hand deliver their save the date announcements and talk ideas for wedding invitations. It was a productive meeting, but it was also the first time I had seen the Bride, Natosha, since our graduation day in 1998. It really felt like time had not passed.  As I sat next to the couple and watched their interaction, I knew that they were not only a good match, but that their lives together were going to be fun and full of love.

My work with Natosha was mostly done via text and email, with a few phone conversations in between, but I think the end result was worth all the communication.  From a save the date announcement card to the wedding invitation and then program and seating chart board, what we created together came out beautifully and stands as one of my favorite collections this year.

IMG_3169 IMG_3310 IMG_3309 IMG_3950 IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_3952

I am so excited for Natosha and Eric as they celebrate their union today!  It was such an honor to work with them and as I told her it is such pride and pleasure and happiness that I am able to be there as part of their lives through my stationery pieces. This is what I do, and every piece is my little way of having an impact and sharing/spreading love with not just my clients, but all the people that they hold near and dear. That’s some serious love spreading! Huzzah!

Congrats again Natosha & Eric! S2 wishes you many, many, many years together of health, happiness, and snugly love. 


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