Fan Mail From Germany

A few months ago, I received an email on Etsy  from a potential customer about my glitter lined envelopes. She lives in Germany and found my glitter envelope listing and reached out for pricing and more info.

Anja was a pleasure to work with. Within our first emails we chatted about my previous visits to Germany, where I should visit on future trips to Germany, and her upcoming Honeymoon to the United States.  I would say that during the course of our 20-something odd conversations, we became pals, developing a relationship that I will appreciate for years to come. This is what I love about what I do!

My prices are higher than most because I promise to move heaven and earth no matter the cost, and/or the amount of detail. Usually, the additional cost, I cover to make sure the end product is what the client wants.  This also includes me staying true to my promise – “not only will you love the product, you will not need to do anything assembly wise for the product.” This is more so for custom work that requires assembly, although on my social stationery sets and individual cards that come with hand-lined envelopes, I do assemble the envelopes. I don’t send a customer the envelope to assemble themselves.

For many this is just part of the package, and it’s true, but to me, it is what I do.  I provide the full package, including the details so you, the customer can write, invite, or share your thoughts with loved ones with ease. Over the course of this, I hope to create a friendly relationship with the customer, because every item I design, assemble and ship out, I treat as if I were making and sending to a friend.

And Anja became a friend.

Anja got married in April and just before mailing out her invitations, she sent me photos of the invites with my envelopes. They look fantastic and as I told her, “I am humbled to have been part of your wedding celebration. To see my envelopes paired with your invitations and know that they were a collaboration of handmade by both you and I makes me so happy. Thank you again and congratulations!”icm_fullxfull.39835602_214kran15sm8gcso0cgo

I do this, make stationery for personal and social needs, with an emphasis on weddings, because I love it. I love nothing more than helping my customers and their loved ones feel heard, loved and happy. With each item I do, regardless of the occasion, I am pleased to know that a bit of me is mixing with a lot of my customer to help impact and shape the World to come. That my friends is humbling and exhausting, yet exciting.

I’m not one to toot my own horn, which I should do given that I am selling a skill, talent, and service, but I don’t. If others toot my horn, I may be a bit embarrassed, but I find that more acceptable than me placing emphasis on myself. To crack the shell a little bit, I’m sharing below one of my last emails with Anja. I found it really sweet and worthy of placing on the blog:

Hi, Sara!
How are you? After two hours of waiting at the customs office I finally got the envelopes today and the wait was worth it : )
I looovvee them!!!And my boyfriend likes them too!
Thank you very much!
They are almost too good to send them away : )
Liebe Grüße,

I am so thankful for Anja and to have been part of her celebration.


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