Celebrating a Birthday + Saying Goodbye to Products I Love

Sunday, December 1st, was my 33rd birthday.

photo 3

It was eventful and yet uneventful. I felt love from around the world – Countries as far as Japan, South Africa, and Brazil to cities in the US such as Los Angeles, NYC, and Cleveland and that’s not all. The love was endless and more filling than the burger, fries, ice cream, left over turkey, and birthday cake I consumed that day. Seriously!

In addition to hanging out with my best friend in the early and late evening, I hung out with family, and did a 1 hour (with a little extra minutes) session with Marketing Strategist, Halley Gray of Evolve Marketing.  She came highly recommended by a good friend of mine who works with her. I signed up for her newsletters and when she offered the “perfect match” session where she helps small business owners whittle down to figure out who their target customer is, I jumped.

For years now, I’ve been on that edge of trying to figure out who my ideal customer is and how to reach her/him/them. In all of that, I’ve struggled with creating a portfolio because I’ve thought that I don’t have enough product to showcase my talent and areas of expertise.  I’ve also allowed myself to create stationery sets and note card sets as a way to bring in more income.  I love the stationery sets and there are some that do better than others, but I need to really focus here. Enter Halley.

Halley was absolutely great at pulling my long-winded responses back onto the tracks. She listened to me, offered me though provoking questions, and gave me an action plan for the next few weeks. We also discussed follow-up conversations.  Just before ending, I told her, “It’s rare that I believe in coaching like this. You’re the first person I’ve decided to actually pay for a coaching session and it was absolutely worth it. Thank you!”  I meant that. I have a love/hate relationship with anyone who says they are going to change your life with coaching. Yes, we do need direction at times, but over all, a person needs to make a decision and move. Halley, in this case, helped me get to the core of where I want to go business wise and tapped into ideas I’ve been playing with already, I just hadn’t put into action. It was super helpful and I can’t wait to see what comes from all of it.

Having said that, Halley went through my Etsy shop and told me it was time to start putting a cohesive shop together. She pointed out items in my shop that show texture really well as well as elegance and would help attract the customer I am looking to target.  Keeping in line with this conversation and what she opened my eyes to,  I’ve decided to discount all my Thanksgiving products in my Etsy shop 50% off and possibly not offer them again. Ever.  Okay, maybe ever is too strong a word. Maybe I will have new items for next Thanksgiving, but for now, it’s time to move the old out to make room for the new.

I’m sure you’re scratching your head about this. Why would you buy Thanksgiving products after the holiday?! I don’t know…I personally don’t want to hoard things, BUT these are pretty good prices and they’ll stay until I sell out of my entire inventory.  So please, tell your friends, and grab some if these are anything that you’re interested in.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for more information on upcoming changes. I’ll be talking about them here, on the blog, in the newsletter, and on the S2 Stationery & Design Facebook Page.


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