Baby, It’s cold Outside

When I decided to come to Echizen, I knew it would get cold. I had heard the rumors of snow so high, it would reach my waist, maybe even higher.

So I packed like a girl. I brought a medium-large suitcase and my backpack. I brought a hat and gloves (two pairs) and scarves and two coats. I brought socks and long sleeve shirts and jeans and leggings to wear underneath them. I also brought sweaters and tank tops (my favorite layering piece no matter the season!). As you can see, I brought a lot. Yet, none and I mean none, of these are keeping me warm at night.

Okay, I’m exaggerating here.  They are keeping me warm, but not warm enough to keep me from going to bed early because it’s so cold in the house I’m staying in that I can barely walk around without losing feeling in my toes and fingers.  I’m serious! After about an hour of sitting in my room with no heat besides my body heat, my fingers start to lose feeling, as do my toes. It’s about that time that I put on my pajamas, which is also painful (getting naked is painful when it’s cold), and dive straight into my futon and duvet set, tucking my hands into my hoodie pockets and fully covering myself in an attempt to stay warm.

After about ten minutes of watching my breathe in the cold, I fall asleep. I inevitably wake up at some point in the middle of the night overheated, but then I pull the edge of the cover and am reminded of just how cold it is outside that cover and pull it back over me, accepting the warmth greedy like a fat child and her/his mcdonald’s cheeseburger and french fries.

Moments during the night when I think about having to use the bathroom, I seriously consider whether it is worth the freezing foot (in foot socks, mind you) trek down stairs through the kitchen to the toilet that is also freezing to the touch of my bum. If it is a strong urge, I go, but in most cases, I ignore the feeling so that I can instead just go through the motions in the morning when it’s a fast dash to make hot coffee and jump in the hot shower (thank goodness for hot water in this house!) and then throw my clothes on to achieve warmth.

There are two things I will not miss in Echizen, this is definitely one of them. I expect to be cold as I spend most of winter here in Japan, but I am hopeful for heat in the coming weeks, especially when I get to Kyoto. Osaka, I’m a bit unsure if the house I am going to has heat, but I’m sure that the heat Gods will bestow some inside heat for this girl who loves that in America heat is available. Of course, I wish we had a different source for that heat, but you know, I like being warm. For that reason, I will never take warmth for granted again, even while I lay in bed every night amazed at what a little furnace my body turns into because it has to to survive. Oh, the wonder of technology and nature.

To my readers, stay warm.

To me, I have some hot, sweltering beaches to dream about as I get ready to step out in the cold, cold night.


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