June + July Favorites


It has been some time since I posted a favorite article post, but I’m back for June and July. With five months left in the year, there is much to get prepared for and to come to terms with. As we get ready to approach that, I give you these gems to consider as you plot along.

Social Responsibility/Humanity

This section just got an addition. I am including “humanity” to it because I think a lot of what social responsibility is is the feeling of humanity to not just human kind, but the planet. It’s not just environmentalism, it is social justice and a sense of responsibility regarding our actions and the impact they have on the rest of the world.

As I was finishing up the May issue of Inc Magazine I read an amazingly inspiring story about a man in Uganda, Moses Kizza Musaazi, an inventor, entrepreneur and caretaker of his country and people, Uganda.  Given that Uganda has been on everyone’s tongues recently thanks to the Kony 2012 viral sensation that happened earlier this year, I found this article refreshing. Not everyone in Africa expects other nations to fix their problems. There are people, like Moses committed to helping his own and find solutions that work in addition to giving financially, intellectually, and from his heart. He is someone we should all be fortunate to meet and aspire to be like as business people.  http://www.inc.com/magazine/201205/leigh-buchanan/uganda-moses-kizza-musaazi-never-stops-innovating.html

Do you listen? Like really listen? Sometimes, I do and sometimes, okay most of the times, I don’t. My brain wanders so much that I don’t actively listen as much as I should. Boo on me. I put this under social responsibility/Humanity because listening is a basic part of humanity. In order to relate to people in our lives, whether professionally or personally, you need to listen. Listen deeply. Listen acutely. Listen for your own sake. By listening to others more in depth, you’ll begin to listen to yourself more deeply and a whole host of change can come from that. http://nyreport.com/articles/83216/the_art_of_listening?page=0,1


Mayi Carles’ Friday Video Time is one of my favorite videos segments out there! She’s so upbeat and inspiring that you have to love her and if you don’t, well, that’s your problem. Anyway, she talks about passion and whether you can make a profit from it; this is a real talk kind of video and I love it. She makes some valid points like, are you going to resent what you once loved as a hobby?  Things like that and they are real questions to ask as you get ready to take a leap from fun + part time to not-always-fun + full time.  Watch it here: http://www.heartmadeblog.com/blog/thinking-about-turning-your-passion-to-profit-think-again

Megan Auman posted a brilliant article this month titled, “The Product is the Problem Because the Mindset is the Problem”, and it really made me think about my own business. I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently, my business that is, about what hinders me from being a kickass stationer and business owner. I have a lot of mental hang ups I need to let go of, which I’m not excited about, BUT this article is a great help and start. I encourage all of you to read it and liberate your mind from whatever hang ups you may have, too. Value yourself, value your work, follow your passion, have fun and make the money you were meant to make! http://designinganmba.com/2012/06/08/product-mindset-problem/

Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach, put together this video on knowing when to step away from an idea or project and when to keep going with it. I think it’s awesome and her tip about shopping and thinking about a purchase is something I do personally. I highly recommend these tips. Thanks Michelle! http://whenigrowupcoach.com/2012/07/25/3-easy-ways-to-help-ya-decide-when-if-to-call-it-quits/?utm_source=When+I+Grow+Up%3A+The+Newsletter&utm_campaign=15395be09a-Call+It+Quits_7_24_12&utm_medium=email


I follow Chris Guillebeau as many of you know because his writing and his beliefs connect to my core. I often times overwhelmed at how much they reach deep inside of my heart and soul. I am a follower and a reader and a proud member of his “small army”, but I don’t often comment on his articles. I’ll read them, smile, share them with friends, or maybe on Facebook and then go about myself until the next article comes out.  On June 11th, he published this article about the differences between having fame and creating a community.  It is absolutely correct and it’s why I don’t have grandiose dreams of fame and fortune. I want success, most definitely, but I want to be a natural connector of people and communication and that takes work, not over night success. That means so much more to me then being the next biggest thing in the circle of trends and immediate gratification. It’s why I talk to people, get to know them and stay in touch with them. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have my own circle of people that trust me. I love that trust more than false adulation. You’ll have to let me know what you think. Read on: http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/fame-vs-community/

Earlier in July I attended the World Domination Summit 2012. I still have to post a blog on it (I’m behind, I know!), but I got to hear some amazing people speak. One of them was a woman by the name of Brene Brown who discussed vulnerability and the idea of practicing joy and gratitude. This article, read a few weeks after the conference just reminded me that Brene’s words are something I need to remember over and over again. Are you practicing gratitude? If you aren’t read this article. If you are, share how it’s working for you in the comments. I’m interested!  http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/gratitude-true-secret-to-success.html

Just above under gratitude, I mentioned attending the World Domination Summit 2012 this past month and how I need to write a blog about it. I’m a bit behind there, but I did put together the following article for the Etsy blog that was published today (woot!) and I think it’s worth sharing. My own blog posting is coming soon, but I know this article will be a continued source of inspiration for me in the coming weeks and months. I hope it is for you, too.  http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2012/life-lessons-from-the-2012-world-domination-summit/

I’ll be following up tomorrow with a post about where I’ve been since my last article and where I’m going as well as where S2 is going in the coming months. So stay tuned.


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