Card Making at the New York Public Library – Session Number Two

My second session at the New York Public Library was last week and it was awesome, again! I absolutely love doing this and want to do more projects like this. I’ve realized that I’m quite the educator. I love interacting with people, and kids (they inspire me so much), and teaching them about things I’m passionate about.

On June 13th, I went back to the New York Public Library for a card making session with young adults, or tweens as I call them, they ranged between 11-14. I only had to go to E. 96th street this time, which was not as far as Pelham Bay, but it was exhausting nonetheless.  By exhausting, I mean carrying my bag of card magic around all day and then rushing on the trains to get to the library from DUMBO, where my full-time job has me during the day.

Of course, I’m never exhausted when I’m in a session. It’s almost electric how it happens, really. Here’s how it goes down:

I leave work to head to the library.

I feel rushed because I usually end up with 5-10 minutes before the session starts.

I walk through the doors of the library and am immediately transported to my nerdy self.

I talk to the librarians who help me set up. In most cases, I end up talking to them most of the time and making friends.

I set up, get ready to talk.

The kids come in and sit down and immediately get excited.

I talk to the kids about paper and myself, explain how I make stationery and what that all entails. The entire time, they’re playing with markers and stamps and paper.

I walk around and encourage the kids, ask them about themselves, school, whether they like to write or not, etc. We laugh. I praise their work.

They laugh amongst themselves. Share stories. Talk to parents on their cell phones. Make about four or five cards each.

The session ends. Just like that! It’s always too fast and over before I realize it.

I pack up, chat with the librarian some more and then leave.

Another creative session over. More inspiration in my head and heart. Exhaustion sets in. But the good kind. The kind that reminds me why I’m glad I’m alive.

I have two sessions set up for July and the last one in August. I’ve had a few requests to do Holiday card making sessions and to return in the fall when students are back in school. Of course, I am planning not to be here for the Holidays, but anything is possible after all. The only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing for sure. Until then, I can only keep enjoying these moments – designing, working with kids, being inspired, and most importantly, loving what I do.

Pictures from last week’s event are below.


More recaps from sessions three and four, in late July!

Oh, and before I forget! This summer, if you know a child, or have a child, and are around them spending quality time- give them some paper and markers, pencils, pens, glitter, whatever! It will be one of the best things you do. I promise.  Also, I’d be interested in hearing what the outcome is in the comments. If you remember, that is.

Happy second day of summer!


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