Handmade Cards of Thanks

Hello Readers!

The last two weeks were a flurry of posts of cards and they were fun and they kept things fresh on the blog while my work life spun out of control. This week, things are definitely different- I’m three days into the new job (more details tomorrow on the blog) and battling serious sleep deprivation.  But on the whole things are good and I’m happy and well, life is just moving in the direction it should be at this time.

Anyhow, last week, I went home to a large envelope with the DonorsChoose Logo on it. I was shocked, I mean, I wasn’t expecting anything from them and I haven’t donated to them since last year (DonorsChoose is part of my charitable giving annually. I will donate money to them again this year, just later in the year).  The donation was to a teacher, Mr. Geiger, who wanted to buy necessary materials to take his class camping (read about the project titled Outdoor Education Classroom).

A little secret about me- trees make me tired. Shhhh!!

It is a proven fact that when I go camping I fall asleep immediately for hours. Sometimes 12 hours or longer.

I guess trees relax me more than anything else, or rather nature does. Which would explain why I love trees and want to study paper from trees and also help children learn to love trees.

Either way, I’ve been receiving updates about the project electronically and was content with those notifications. Besides, I’ve never received any non-electronic communication from teachers and/or students for past donations. Which is why when I opened the large envelope to find hand made cards out of construction paper thanking me for my donation from the students, I was filled with glee! The letter writer, paper lover, artist, and educator inside jumped for joy. Lots of joy at these gifts.

Photos, so you can see just why I was so happy, from the lovely cards are below and if you look hard enough you may be able to make out the incredibly sweet and sincere messages written by the students.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is incredible what a simple card can do to remind you of the good in people.


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