Last Day, Last Card (Almost)

Today is the day! It is my last day at the 9-to-5 as a full-time employee and well, the emotion I feel is mostly bittersweet. I think as the week moves on and I do some more complete writing, you readers will get a full-range of what I’ve been experiencing.  Until then however, I leave with you the last card of the entire batch and not the last card to my last coworker.

The reason I’m sharing this card with you instead of the card for my co-worker is because he works and lives in Tokyo. He is returning to NYC for vacation on Wednesday and staying through the following week and I will get to see him on the 29th.  Until then, I can not, I mean can not share the card before he sees it with his own eyes.  So that means you have to wait until the 29th to see the final card.  Boo, I know, but it’ll so be worth the wait!

But honestly, today is about me, not him, but me. That sounds so selfish, but he will get his day of attention on the 29th. So until then, I’ll celebrate my leaving and my last day here and smile knowing that I’ve left a bit of a legacy, and ready to fly on to the next journey/adventure.

Oh, one last thought- I love that the quote on the card is the Oregon State Motto-I’m headed to Portland, Oregon for the first time ever in July this year and well, it fits with the reason for trip (more on that later), my year so far, and that hawk I saw on my windowsill twice last December (remember him?)-I think he was more of a simple than I acknowledged.


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