Ciao, Adios…Saying Goodbye

Once I knew that change was on the menu, I started to figure out how I would go about saying goodbye to the amazing and not-so-amazing individuals that have made up my work family over the past 4.5 years.  I also kept in mind that time is not quite my friend in the two-week period, so I knew I had to be confident and make an impact in my goodbyes.

After telling my immediate department and surrounding cube mates, and close, close friends, I moved on to an email to close co-workers who I felt needed to know ASAP.  I had pondered how to go about sharing the news. Saying goodbye is never a really easy thing, after all and I knew that people would want to talk and distract me from work, so I chose for ease with the email. The response has been overwhelming and continues to be so. I’ve been called “the sun” and asked “what are we going to do without you?”. As always, people need validation and so it’s heartwarming to be validated, especially after feeling unappreciated for so long. It just goes to show you that no matter what, even when you believe you aren’t making an impact you are.

Anyhow, my decision on how to say goodbye to my closest came to me suddenly last Tuesday morning-I needed to write cards and letters explaining my appreciation for those who have also helped shape me. I needed to use the skill that I have and recognize so well-communication. I also knew that the only cards that would help me were Quotable Cards, not cards designed or made by me, but cards that I have always used when making a statement; cards so understated, they speak volumes.  Quotable cards are one of my inspirations. I don’t even attempt to do what they do because they do it so well, I just love the way I feel when I use their cards and hope to do the same with mine.

And so I decided that in the 10 days left at the 9-to-5 (as of tomorrow, I have 6), I would give out one card a day to each of my co-workers. My department is only 5 and I have four other co-workers that I work closely with and have developed relationships that are worthy of the written sentiment.

Last week, I gave out these two:

You of course will not see what I wrote inside because that’s too personal. But I’ve decided to share with you photos of each card I give out during the rest of the goodbye process. Naturally, you will not know to whom I gave each card to, but I figured it is always encouraging to read inspiring words.

Oddly enough, writing these cards, even though it has just been two thus far, has been therapeutic. I feel calm and less sad by sharing what makes each person special as it gets closer for me to walk out of the doors of my 9-to-5 and into the next journey of Sara and S2 Stationery and Design.

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I may be off a bit on writing content as I pack up and shift gears, but I will still stop to share inspiring words. I think as much as it is for me to share these positive notes with my coworkers, it also allows me to leave a piece of my own personality behind, too.


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A rule-breaking designer, artist & entrepreneur who's passionate about paper and handcrafting stationery. I also write, travel, and focus on eco + social good.

2 thoughts on “Ciao, Adios…Saying Goodbye”

  1. Inspiring, Sara, but wow, either you or your workplace or a combination of both are very friendly. There have been so many goodbyes where I work lately that not even the mass email has survived. Congrats on the big move!

    1. I think it’s more of my nature. Everyone has been responsive to my cards, which has made my writing and giving them out mean more.

      The mass email, I am definitely doing, but only because yesterday at lunch this one coworker said, “Oh no! how will we know you left if you don’t send an email out?”

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