Introducing A Bunch of New!

I haven’t posted images of my work in a while. My flickr account I’m sure is hurting because it’s been a while since my last share, but alas, I have been working, tinkering,  and falling in love with paper. I swear every time I walk into a paper store, I end up leaving a little piece of my heart.

Why the drama?  Well because I can’t afford to buy all the paper I see in these shops! However, I can make a note of it and figure out how to design products with that paper, potentially for a custom project. Yeah!

Because of this iphone paper swatch I’ve creating for paper that I can’t purchase, but want to remember, I find myself even more in love with paper and the potential of paper even more.  From the  textures, colors,  and types to the designs – some sheets have holes or fibers, others have glitter – I love them all!  Some paper is actual cloth! There is no limit to the eye catching elements of paper and I find myself constantly looking for ways to integrate them into my work and in other projects as well.

Actually, this week, I’ll be making my debut as a guest blogger on a friend and fellow social stationer’s blog and I’ll be talking about paper. Yay! When the day comes (Thursday), I’ll be sure to post here where you can go to find the blog there.

Until then, you’ll have to just feast your eyes on my latest designs that I’ve put up for sale on Etsy this week:

Black and Gold Flowers Layered Wedding Invitation with Lined Envelopes

Red and Cream Flowers Layered Wedding Invitation with Lined Envelopes
Spring Daisies Layered Wedding Invitation with Lined Envelopes
Spring Cherry Blossom Layered Wedding Invitation with Lined Envelopes

All four of these designs are samples of what will be available in the soon-to-be-completed S2 Stationery and Design “Look Book” that I’ve talked about the past few weeks.  In fact, their creation was my inspiration for the book itself.

Until the next three designs are ready for sneak peeks, you’re just going to have to let your imagine run.


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