Book Making, Original Circa 1999

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about making my first “look book” and realizing midway thru that I had made a book many years ago; 12 years ago to be exact.  The book I am currently working on is much different from the first, but what amazes me about the first book is that without any knowledge whatsoever about binding paper and cardboard, I managed to do it and it has stayed in tact, some stains (I’m not sure from what or when) and a large circle imprint on the front, aside.

I only remembered this book after finding it sitting in a pile of my books at my Mom’s over the Christmas holiday. When I saw it, I stood in awe. I couldn’t believe that I had been inspired that summer day in my 18th/soon-to-be 19th year, to create a book and yet, I did and then never went back to it until now. I also was awed at how little things have changed. I am still addicted to quality paper and ribbon and my craftsmanship can still use a little work, but there is nothing really that shows that I am a novice.

I’m still working on the Look Book and it should be ready to go, fingers crossed by this Friday. When it is done, I’ll post pictures and a little description of it, but until then, here are pictures of my first one.  When I flipped through it, I noted the ribbon binding, the inside gray paper lining and the fact that I cut the edges of each page within raggedly so that it would have the effect of not quite perfect, but old looking. It still takes my breath away.


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