“When S Met M” – A Valentine’s Day Tradition + A Chance For One Reader To Receive One

Hearts courtesy of Huffington Post

I believe it was last week that I shared my Valentine’s Day tradition with you readers. I didn’t give specifics, I don’t think, and I may have offered the possibility of a chance to win a copy of this tradition.  I, of course, could go and look what exactly I wrote, but I’m not. Instead, I’m going to share the story of the tradition and then offer one copy of the tradition to one lucky winner.

I happen to be a holiday lover. When I was a kid, we used to buy paper decorations from this store in our neighborhood and would hang them in our windows. There were turkeys and cornucopias for Thanksgiving; Santa Claus and Christmas trees for Christmas; and hearts for Valentine’s Day. We may have had other decorations for other Holidays, but those are the ones I remember the most.  Which is why it makes sense that I would love holidays and sharing the spirit of them. It also explains why Valentine’s Day minus the boyfriends has always been a day of fun for me. I’ve always baked or given gifts away in attempt to cheer up friends and loved ones who might be disappointed by the day or the fact that they are single.

See, that’s the joy of Valentine’s Day for me. While couples are running around expressing their love with gifts and expensive dinners, I’m spreading the love to my friends single and with a partner to show them that love is love, regardless of whether it is romantic or friendly. I mean, sure, I can’t love them the same way a man can, but I can love them as partners in this crazy journey called life and am honored to have them as friends.

When I moved to NYC, almost six years ago, I felt a connection to new friends, but a disconnect to all of my friends back in DC and in various other cities and states and decided that the best way to alter that was to create a tradition. One that would foster sharing, love, and our friendship. It led me to the Love Mix.

I’m not sure what I thought five years ago when I created the first one, but the first mix is not my favorite. I asked friends for suggestions, which I still do, by the way, but rather than speaking from my experience or heart, it was heavy on songs suggestions. The following year, in 2009, I created the second mix, but then my father passed away and I was left putting together the mixes later than I had planned and not quite feeling the joy that it was supposed to bring.  And then 2010 came along and it was different. Rather than focus on putting together a pop mix or an upbeat mix, I let the music select itself.  That sounds odd, I know, but I do the same thing when I’m knitting or putting together a design- I let the purpose or person I’m creating for dictate the tone and feel, I just make sure it don’t hit any bumps or fail.   In 2010, the mix was about my Dad. It had songs my Dad loved on it and it spoke to my heart of the pain, sadness, hurt, and joy, I felt about my relationship with my Dad and his death.

Last year’s mix was along the same lines. I had spent a large part of 2010 missing this guy who in a short time managed to mean a lot to me and before I knew it that was reflected in the mix. A friend, my close co-worker, who also receives the mixes, asked me if it was about him and it was. Of course, to those who aren’t so close to me, they may not get every song meaning, but they are there.

This year’s mix is a bit of a true mix. In the letter to the lovelies, as I call them, I mention a psychic that I once saw almost six years ago, now, who told me that the letters M and S are big when it comes to relationships and me. When she said that I was madly in love with a guy whose last name started with an M and obviously, both of my names start with an S.  But now, six years later, I’ve realized she was right (call me crazy for believing if you must).  Every guy, in the last six years has had an M or S in their names and so this mix is about all of them. It does lean a bit to a few in particular, especially toward the end, but it’s about them all.  I have compiled a collection based on my NYC dating life. Crazy!

I’ve given several copies of the mix out to friends close to me, or in town and the remaining mixes will be out in the mail by tomorrow so they are received just in time for Valentine’s Day. I am excited to hear back reviews of the mix and to share my story of love in one of the best ways I know how…with honesty and a little dash of some of my favorite bands. I’m not the only one that believes music is the best soundtrack for life and if my friends take a way little pieces of the mixes to blend with their own stories, well then, that is indeed a lovely, lovely day of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

OH, and before I forget, one lucky reader will get a chance to win a copy of the mix. All you need to do below is tell me what you love about Valentine’s Day or share a tradition of your own. If I get one story, well then that person wins. If I get more than one story, well, it may be harder, but I’ll choose my favorite story and announce the winner on February 15th. So get sharing because stories need to be submitted by 11:59 on February 14th. Just to foster encouragement and curiosity, here’s a picture of what friends will be receiving in the next few days:

I know, you won’t get your mix until after the Holiday, but you know, maybe we can find a solution to tide you over until it arrives.

Comments below! Spread the love!


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