“Thinking As We Run”?

I don’t think when I run. How about you?

Actually. I’m lying. I do think when I run. I think about my body. I think often about how I hate running when I don’t feel like it. I also always think about my breathing, or lack there of.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I think about being angry as I run. In my younger days, when I had no filter for my anger, I found solace in running my anger out.  Which means I would think about my anger, my target, whatever it was and I would run it out of my body. Or as I have called it, I’d take my anger out on my body. To some extent that description is true, but at the same time it isn’t. What I loved about running to get my anger out is that it’s my thoughts and the road. With every pavement pound, my anger lessened a little more until it disappeared.

I say, my “younger days” because well, I got a therapist and realized that running out my anger isn’t the best method. I have learned to face my anger, accept it as a real emotion, rather than feeling bad or guilty for it, and figuring out its origin.

Now, I don’t want anyone to think I have it all figured out, because I don’t. In fact, I have confrontation issues and I don’t like to stick up for myself out of fear of losing friends or things I value, but the important thing is that I’m getting there.  I am learning.

For example, just last year, I discovered what I am and am not willing to take and sacrifice when it comes down to my business. (HUGE deal, people!) This year, I’m learning what I am and am not willing to do in regards of business growth and development. In both cases, I’m also realizing how important it is to stand firm in these decisions. This is what I value for myself and my business.

All of this is important because this morning, I was sitting in a meeting during my 9-to-5, when a coworker said, so-and-so said, we are “thinking as we run”. I immediately wrote that phrase down and internally chuckled.

In reality, we all “think as we run” when we’re running a business. Yes, the people who are complete type-A control freaks will say that they have things planned out and because of that can roll with the punches, but they are lying.  Every step of the way I am thinking as I run when I wear my S2 Stationery and Design cap. I am thinking as I run as I type this blog right now!

Yes, I have an idea of how I’d like to grow in 2012 and I’m working toward that idea with goals and projected time frames, but I am constantly “thinking as I run”.

Prime example: I was contacted last year about selling a product of mine via consignment on a website launching this month here in NYC. I am horribly excited for this project and am starting out small, but I was faced with determining my wholesale price.  Um…I’ve NEVER tried to figure out my wholesale price before. Never! I’ve always just sold retail. And so I spent countless hours yesterday trying to determine my wholesale price thanks to articles on the internet sharing the suggested formulas for doing so.

I’m pleased to say that my searching was not in vain, but I sat there puzzled and hating math and everything associated with math and my business. Much like any small business owner, I was wishing for someone to appear and make this disappear, yet leaving a system in place that didn’t require me to think or manipulate numbers the way I had minutes before.

I should mention that I had delivered my small quantity to the company last Friday and so I needed to get this wholesale price determined because I am in a contract with the company and well, a business owner and artist should know the value of her work and product! In essence, I was thinking as I ran and now, I learned something new, but I also learned not to be in this position again.

When I wrote down that quote this morning, part of me was thinking of how idiotic it sounded. How unprepared it all seemed. Then I realized how unprepared and idiotic I am at times. How being so unprepared left me shocked at having missed my physical therapy appointment scheduled for 2:30 yesterday, because I had thought and written down it was scheduled for 3.

I am constantly thinking as I run and you know, I’m sure you are, too. Maybe you don’t want to admit it; maybe you think it will be poor of you to acknowledge that in a society that demands you constantly be on the go, you are forced to think on the run; well, I’m here to tell you, I’ve admitted it and you can to. Once you do, you can think a bit more clearly and figure out what paths are more important for your business in the long-term.

At least that’s what I plan do to. I’ll reserve thinking while I run for moments when I need those thoughts to make real magic happen.

I’m curious to know 1. how many of you know about thinking as we run? 2. how you handle the process? 3. how you’ve managed to stop doing this? I’m all ears- this is a caring and sharing environment! Share those thoughts below in the comments! Gracias!


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