Valentine’s Day Card Exchange – Sign Up Now!

Holy Moly, Valentine’s Day is around the corner…

And I’ve found another holiday card exchange to participate in! I am a total sucker for card exchanges!

The past two Christmas seasons, I participated in Brooklyn Bride’s Holiday Card Swap and now, new to me, this year, I am participating in Easton Place Designs Valentine’s Card Swap.

I think the concept is fantastic and I really like Patti, Proprietor of Easton Place Designs. I’m excited to be part of this little endeavor and I hope more of you will sign up.

You have to act fast as sign up closes January 24th at 9:00 pm EST. Matches will be made by the 27th of January. More details about the swap can be found on Easton Place Designs’ blog

What are you waiting for? Go, sign up, TODAY! 

I’ll post a follow up with photos of the cards I design specifically for this swap.  And speaking of sharing…this year for the first time, I will be sharing my Valentine’s Day Love Mix process with you all. This year is the fifth edition and I love it! I’ve been listening and tweaking the mix the last few weeks.  I may even offer a copy for one lucky winner…I’m still debating. Stay tuned!!



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