National Letter Writing Week

Readers, did you know that this week is National Letter Writing Week?



I didn’t either.

I only found out thanks to some stationery businesses, fans, and friends on Twitter.   And now, you know, too. Hooray! We’re all a bit educated on this gorgeous Tuesday afternoon.

The history of National Letter Writing Week is pretty simple – It occurs the second week in January. That’s it.  I have no idea who started it, where it came from, nothing.

What I can say is, grab those pens and a sheet of paper and start writing. You should be writing every once in a while to begin with, but most definitely now, this week, during letter writing week. I can’t think of a better way to help the post office even.

I’ve got my three cards, stamps, and pen ready:

If you write one letter, or even a few during National Letter Writing Week, send me a photo at saras [at] s2stationery [dot] com, or leave a comment below. I’ll share responses next week in a new post.

Happy writing!



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