Glitter Inside, Glitter Fun

This past weekend, I sat at the table in our apartment “dining room” covered in glitter. The glitter was red and hot pink. Sexy, right?


A good friend of mine once said, that it is what makes gay men love me because we both like glitter. Ha! Gay men and glitter aside, I love glitter.

I absolutely LOVE it and I think glitter makes things happy and pop.  When I was a young, card/paper obsessed, non-stationer/entrepreneur I loved confetti. I don’t think I had yet to discover the world of glitter. But I did! And I’m glad I did!

I don’t make it a habit of using glitter generously. Nor do I make it a habit of going over the top with glitter. As much as I love it, it needs to be handled lightly and delicately. After all, WHO wants to be showered upon with glitter? (Again, me and gay men aside.) Which is why I rarely use glitter in my work. I have yet to attach it to any wedding invitation. History, by one year, has shown that I instead use the occasional sprinkle of glitter on Christmas/Holiday cards.  Hence me sitting in glitter over the weekend. Holiday time calls for Holiday cards with glitter! 

Actually, I not only sat in glitter, I had it all over me. It was as if a it had been dusted all over me rather than the cards. I should point out that glitter never touched the cards, they only touched the envelopes.

See, I found myself surrounded by glittered sheets of paper at the paper store the other day and I simply had to have them. I stuck with hot pink and red, only knowing that I liked the paper enough to buy it and figure out how to use it later.

I did later figure out what to do with them (see below). I couldn’t be more pleased!

Holiday Sugar Holiday Card 2011
Holiday Red Merriest Greetings Card 2011
Hot Pink Merriest Greeting Card 2011

This year, since I didn’t go anywhere exotic to send friends and family a photo card of me on a Christmas greeting card, I’m sending an assortment of my own designed cards, glittered and all. I’m stoked!  Of course, I shared the cards  above even though I am sending a few out of my own, to show of my latest handiwork  (I must self-promote as often as possible, you know),  but also to add some holiday spirit to the blog.

I haven’t been feeling the most spirited lately. Not quite, “Bah Hambug” ish, but definitely not “Christmas is coming” ish either. The lights around the city are doing nothing for me, but each time I see one of my cards, I am reminded of the joy of the season.

On that note, I hope these cards inspire you to feel the joy of the season. If not, well, I haven’t done a good enough job and must work on it for Holiday season 2012! If I have, smile on and pass it along.

Spread good cheer!

**Oh, and I know, shameless plug, but if you’d like to order cards, you can click on the pictures and visit each’s page on Etsy. Hurrah!  

***Don’t worry, if you don’t buy any this year. I know you’re thinking about it. Maybe next year? Or the year after? I have my eyes on a long business here. 🙂



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