November Favorites

Whew! November flew by. Where did it go?

But I’m excited because tomorrow is December 1st. My birthday is December 1st! Tomorrow is a big day! Yay!

I’m turning 31 and at first I thought I wasn’t going to blog on my birthday, but then I realized that I MUST share my story about the hawk from Monday night/Tuesday morning.  So stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog and then you won’t hear from me again until well, the following Monday.  To tide you over in the lull of the Friday through Monday no-S2-news  I share the following must read articles for November.


What is your motivation style? Oprah Magazine has a quiz for you and I think you should take it. It’ll help you figure out what it is your seeking in life. When I took it, I didn’t agree with the answers at first, but then I realized that I did. I am after enlightenment more than anything else. I love my friends and the support I get from them, but I’m not always looking for love and adulation. I’m also not looking for recognition, I’m looking to make a difference any way I can and that could be as simple as someone reading this blog and taking this quiz. So go take it and hopefully you’ll see more light on what you should and can be doing.

Tips that men know from dating that women should know for their start ups. I likes the ideas a lot, but even more, I like how they transcend all areas of our lives. Learn these tips women not just for business, but for life!

I’ve written quite extensively about mentors and finding a mentor and being a mentor. This article really made me smile because it shows how sometimes the mentors we have in mind aren’t the ones that are tangible-they’re the ones who inspire us from a distance; often times their lives even after they’ve continued on, inspire and push us. That is leadership and one worthy of the mentor label.

Strange places? I’ve been to a ton and seen a lot, at least I think I have. Chris’s version of strange places, thinking on your feet and traveling is great, but as I read it I saw it as so much more than just travel. I see it as life. What happens when things don’t work out. What do we do with that experience and strange place? It’s definitely food for thought!×5/strange-places

Burned out? I will be if I keep trying to go at the pace I am without stopping and thinking about things. This article is from March, which I just got around to reading in late October/Early November, but it’s well worth saving and rereading a few times, when you’re beginning to feel the burn.

Okay. So this could fit in any of the categories below, but the important thing here is whether or not you’re using these self-sabotage mantras. If you are, STOP RIGHT NOW!, read this article and focus on the good. Then you’ll want to create a system where you remind yourself of all that you are doing and create action steps as proof of your commitment.


Time management. I wonder if it should have it’s own area? Maybe. Hmm..for now, it’ll be filed under business, but only because time management effects business, or rather our time management effects how we run and complete our business. So with that, I highly recommend Mayi Carles’s post about time management and using the “Touch It Once” strategy. I make no

This article by Chris Guillebeau is really about life, but it rang true for me as a creator, maker and business owner. How much of my life do I put on hold to do other things that I think are more important and they aren’t. So here’s to making decisions and not putting things off.×5/how-to-put-off-making-decisions-about-your-life

I have yet to deal with a refund request, but I think this is a good article for dealing with any sort of rejection when dealing with your business and/or product.


Funny thing about this article is that I walked past the Pentagram building the other evening on my way to a design function. How cool! I love this gentleman’s ideas for design, especially the part about researching to truly understand. How simple, how genius!

I happen to like my brand. I like my logo, too. I designed both. You should also know that I did that months after deciding to start my business. Yes, it took a few months after, but I knew it was the most important element to base my business.

I know I’m collaborating. Are you?

Fast Co. is quickly becoming my go to place for well everything these days. I’m sharing this article with you not because it directly had to do with stationery, but because it has to do with design and what I think is basic business awareness and strategy. If you’re building a company that offers a product or service, are you open to where the flaws are? Are you anticipating them?  Have you accepted them and are working on them? Do you really want someone to write a blog about your products faults and their opinion of them (like this article)? I say use this article as a template  for every piece you design and create. I know I am.


This posting I’m already at odds with. First, I don’t think President Obama is the worst Presideny in the US history and second, I disagree with this article way more than I agree, but the author, Paul Johnson, sometimes wins me over with his horrible thoughts with some solid wisdom. In this case,  his sentence, “…seem more spectacular had it not coincided with a general slump in leadership throughout the world. Ineptitude at the top is clearly responsible for the ugly fact that the banking crisis of 2008-which old J. Pierpont Morgan would have solved in one all-night session in his library-is now lengthening into the most serious economic downturn since the 1930s.”  I think he’s spot on about the slump in leadership, but I think he fails to realize that the slump in leadership dates all the way back to the time of Ronald Regan (and most definitely before), every Republican’s hard-on President. But we’re not talking politics here,  we are talking leadership and the fact remains that we have many open leadership spots in the world that people need to fill. So I do agree with Paul Johnson, on questioning who can lead us to safety? However, I’m smart enough to realize it’s none of the current leaders gearing up to “save-the-country and the world”. No, we need REAL leaders and I’m going to say that I think there are some powerful individuals out there, we just have yet to see them.

AND speaking of leadership, here is an article about someone doing amazing things with no recognition, but clearly being a leader. I’ll forget that he’s in the energy business only because he’s committed to doing so many incredible things for the sake of humanity and educating humanity. Go George Kaiser! Not only am I inspired by you, I’m inspired by Forbes for getting the stick out of their ass long enough to focus on positive social good.

Finally, if you’re like me you don’t have any employees, you only have YOU, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t motivate yourself. This article is great on tactics to use to motivate employees. I say turn them around to motivate yourself!

That’s all I’ve got for November. See you next month!


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