A Thanksgiving Table Tale, In Mostly Pictures

A few weeks ago, I met up with two women Kata and Sandra who are interested in selling some stationery note sets on a website they are launching in 2012.  We met for about an hour or so and chatted and discussed my business and story and their business and stories and theirinterest in my stationery. I don’t want to get too into the details here because when it does happen, I’d like for it to be a surprise, but before our meeting, one of the ladies, Kata emailed me and asked me to bring one set of my “Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Minicards” and one of the “Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Minicards” for her to purchase.


I don’t have to express how excited I was-potential business deal AND an immediate purchase. Oo la la!

At the meeting, I gave Kata the bag with my logo seal outside and she loved it! She and her friend/business partner, Sandra, gushed over how cute they were and Kata explained how she wanted to use them-to put them at each place setting around her Thanksgiving table. Her boyfriend and she were going to Connecticut to pick up some pumpkins that they were going to use on the table, some orange and some painted white. They were also going to put candles around the table and create this festive, rustic Holiday decor for their meal. I was ecstatic! This is exactly what I had intended these cards to be used. Someone who could share my vision is someone I will always get along with (okay, maybe not always, but we’re almost kindred spirits).

As the meeting continued we made quick pals and discussed tons of things, not all business related. We discussed Japan and art and design. We discussed men and weather and personal histories. We also discussed the importance of creating stories.  Not just stories about products, but stories that connect your life with the objects you love.

Part of my love for and of stationery is my passion-I have loved paper since I can remember. The passion I talk about is built of stories from my youth and younger years as much as now. I have stories about paper and the way it has created memories for me since I was a little girl taking stacks of deposit slips from Citibanks for the carbon sheets inside, to the “Sara’s favorite giftwrap wall” in my bedroom growing up.  So it’s natural that I’d want to convey you story with my designs. I think paper is as much a piece of our story as anything else.

Yesterday, Kata and I were emailing details to each other and I asked her about her Thanksgiving and how the cards turned out at her dinner party. I also asked her to send me photos if she had any. She sent me five incredible photos showing the decor of her Thanksgiving table and my cards on prominent display.

I love when stories converge and say something together. Here’s Kata’s Thanksgiving story with some S2 flair. I think the photos speak for themselves and for Kata’s incredible decorating ability.


I love ALL of the pictures, I like the mood they create, but I love the bottom picture the best. How adorable do the three lovely ladies look holding their cards? Love it! Really, I don’t think pictures can get any better! While the photos above are great for showing how the cards were used to decorate, the bottom picture makes the cards more real, shows engagement, and dimension. Most importantly, it shows those minicards helping to create a memory for the guests in attendance.

I am glad that S2 could be part of someone’s Holiday. I’m even more glad that it is people I know, people I’m building a relationship with, people who are inspired by my product.  Hooray!

Until tomorrow, when I regale you with tales of a hawk and mail, happy story creating and memory building.


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A rule-breaking designer, artist & entrepreneur who's passionate about paper and handcrafting stationery. I also write, travel, and focus on eco + social good.

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