My Thanksgiving List

In 1998, I was a freshman at The George Washington University. I had made quite a ton of different friends, but my “second” family was the 9th floor of Fulbright Hall which housed an elite group of Elliot School for International Affairs students.  Some of those people are still my friends and I feel quite fortune to have them in my life.

That year, we decided to have a floor Thanksgiving and we all chipped in and made food. I don’t remember many details of that day, but I do remember us defrosting a 15lb turkey in the microwave because it hadn’t thawed and we needed to cook it. It was chaotic and hilarious at the same time.

It was also that year, that my good friend Lauren introduced the concept of a Thankful list. I had  never done one before and was excited by all that I could write down on a piece of paper. That list lives in one of my “memory boxes” at my Mother’s home and I hope to one day introduce the concept and that list with my own children, should I ever be fortunate enough to have them. If not, well, then I can always say that I shared my Thankful lists with all of you wonderful readers.

Lauren’s idea, which is something that many people do, I later learned, is what inspired my “Thankful Space” Placemats this year. And so in lieu of writing all of this on one of those, I share here, in this post, my thankful list for 2011. Here goes:

  • My two legs – they got me through a marathon!
  • My mom
  • My brothers
  • My nephew who reminds me of youth and the importance of love and education
  • The road trip my youngest brother and I took earlier this year
  • The beautiful earth I call home
  • NYC – There is no other city like this
  • All the healthy babies born to friends and loved ones this year
  • My friends. They are incredible people
  • Alice, my sister-coworker friend. She’s amazing
  • My health. Even with a baddish back, I’m healthy
  • My Dad – he’s no longer physically here, but everything I do he’s part of
  • A guy named we’ll initial M, who has taught me quite a few things about relationships
  • Another guy initialed M, who I think about daily and who I pray for often. He’s also taught me one or two things.
  • Nature, for constantly being a source of inspiration
  • My CSA for connecting me with food
  • S2 Stationery and Design – my business really is food for my soul
  • Paper – makes me happy
  • My Printer – Patty at Printing Resolutions. She’s taught me so much and continues to do so
  • My old English Teacher, Mrs. Stewart-Lumpkin. We’re in touch still and it amazes me!
  • Music – another constant source of inspiration
  • Dance classes – Both Ballet and African dance have taught me much about patience and my body
  • My ancestors – for having me be part of their continuing history
  • YOU, readers and customers, for reading my blog and having me part of your lives, even if it’s just in the online sphere

I’m sure I’m missing quite a few things, but you know, I think this is a solid list. One I’m very pleased by.

Until next week, enjoy your turkey, family, friends and time with yourself.



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