Um…2011 Holiday Season?

Um, it’s November 15th. That leaves exactly 39 days until Christmas, 9 days until Thanksgiving and 16 days until my birthday. I had to some how throw in my birthday. I had to!

I realized yesterday as I wrote my blog about getting ready for 2012 and getting back into the swing of business, that I don’t really have Holiday product. Not only do I not really have Holiday product, but I also don’t have a plan for 2011 Holiday product. I wish I could sit here and type about the wonderful Holiday inspired gift wrap and tags, cards and other accessory pieces I am planning to launch in a great kick-butt campaign called ” 16 Swinging Days of Holiday Fun and Surprises”, but I don’t! I don’t! I don’t.

Instead, yesterday morning, I posted two Holiday card sets that I’m selling in my Etsy shop, one designed last year for a customized order, that was just too lovely to pass up for future Christmas cards and the other a card that I designed earlier this year specifically for this year. But that’s it.

For anyone who follows my randomness, you know that I am inspired spontaneously. When working on a customized order, I ask for at least a week to create my designs. Why? Well because I take the information provided by my client meetings and then I sleep and dream. Yep. All of my best ideas have come from dreams.  Those ideas are usually the winner of the three options I provide to my clients, but, those ideas also provide other design options that I store or quickly sketch out/write down for a later time.

Working in this kind of environment doesn’t always leave me enough time to plan ahead. I’m always awed by designers who can just knock these ideas out 6 months, if not even earlier than that. Granted, I am aware that I’ve created this type of situation, but I find that I’m great on my feet. Yes, this is something to consider when I sit down and develop business plans and strategies for 2012. I also have to take into account the time I’ll spend traveling when I figure that out, but regardless, as I get ready to assess the next year, where S2 Stationery and Design is going and where I, Sara, am going as well, I am brought back to the present – a 2011 Holiday Season with rarely any new items to present and an exciting opportunity to sell these “items” at the Yelp Giftacular Holiday Market at 82Mercer on December 17th and 18th. I’m really hoping that my brother’s birthday, December 18th, brings me extra luck.  If not, you know, I appreciate the opportunity to gain more exposure and learn from first-hand customer interactions.

So there you have it. Exciting things, Holiday cheer, and a bit of a bumpy road to Holiday sales, but you know, we’ll get through.

I am working on a custom Holiday card order tonight, so I’ll be posting new items in the Etsy shop sometime between the weekend and Thanksgiving. Newsletter readers and blog followers will get the first notice of their availability along with a good ol’ fashion discount in case they want to order immediately. If you want to be part of that awesomeness, you can sign up to get the newsletter and/or blog updates and you’re IN! Amazing, how this technology thing works, no? Si!

Sending you tons of Holiday wishes and a few myself as I get ready for the Holidays as a business owner. Send me any extra luck wishes you may have!!


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