October! Sparkles! Announcements!

It is only October 5th and I’m oh, so excited about the month! I think that October may just be my favorite month of the year.  I mean, aside from December (duh!).

Why? I’m not so sure. I love the crisp air and the idea of Halloween. I love that pumpkins are making an appearance and that hot chocolate will be my go-to beverage for a while. I also love that it ushers in a slowing down and a time to reflect/give thanks for what we’ve had during the earlier part of the year and whatever traditions will be coming in the remaining months.

I don’t however like the feeling of getting sick. That’s my least favorite thing about October, but I think it’s smooth sailing, or at least I hope that my excitement keeps it moving smoothly.

Anyhow, I’m so excited that I have to share a picture of my new most favorite possession – my sparkle shoes.

I’m joking today that I’m ready for when the aliens take over our building because the lights keep flickering in our office. I suppose the important thing is that these shoes really emphasize my excitement for the month.

Why am I so excited about October?

It is fairly simple-I have a ton of exciting things going on!

1. First and most important is that www.s2stationery.com has launched. 

Yep, I’ve got a website.  Let me be correct here, I’ve had a website for a while, but it’s final. It’s complete. You can visit it and check it out and see photos of my work and link to THIS blog and to my Etsy shop.  It’s really my stationery and design hub. And it’s mine.

I think that’s the part that keeps me excited. I have a website about MY company and about paper, stationery, and design. This website makes me feel official. I know that sounds silly given that websites have been around and every one these days has a website, but well, every aspect of my online personality has been scattered until this week. This blog has been separate from my Etsy account and while my Facebook page has been a “hub”  of sorts, it hasn’t captured everything I’ve wanted it to about my business and dream. My flavors.me account is more of a hub for all things that make up “Sara”, not so much a site that puts together my dream from two years ago along with my passion for paper, stationery, and communication.

I suppose I feel what some people feel when they get a wholesale order at a large, well-known and prestigious shop.

Anyhow, this site has been 2 years in the making and has had two designers work on it. One didn’t actually work on it; the other did. And viola, I have a site! Hooray! Jump up and down! S2 Stationery and Design IS OFFICIAL!

2. The second reason I’m excited is that I’ve gotten some great feedback about some recent designs. And I’m excited. Really really excited! Stay tuned. They’re going to be coming out faster than I know what to do!

3. Crafts in Chelsea is practically a week away and I’m going to be launching some items for Thanksgiving (see second point) and I’m excited about the new clients that I’ll be interacting with and showing my sets to. I’m not sure that tabling events are for me, but when you’re just pushing your product out, every and any way you can showcase your work is a must. I’m also excited for the woman I’ll be sharing space with. Angie seems to be a gem and I’m looking forward to spending the day selling our art and getting to know each other.  I’ll make sure to have a recap from that as soon as October 16th comes around.

4. My partnership with Girls Love Mail. This point is exciting, but it is extremely serious business. I don’t mean because I want the exposure, but because I want you readers out there to find it in your heart so spare 30 minutes to write a letter to someone who will cherish your thoughts and time greatly. I wrote about Girls Love Mail last month when Gina and I started the whole partnership and now, it’s in gear and we need YOUR help.

Girls Love Mail is a non-profit created by Gina Mulligan to get handwritten letters in the hands of women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I suggest you read my posting and check out the website for Girls Love Mail, but what drew me to this project is that I had a grandmother die from breast cancer in 1992 and because it involves writing letters. Of course, the girl who loves stationery wants you to write a letter! Of course!

My part in the partnership is that I’ve created a stationery sheet for volunteers to print and write their letters. I am also giving away a thank you gift from S2 Stationery and Design to the first 100 writers who submit their letters. Ideally we’d like for this to happen in October since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BUT I’m willing to run this as long as possible until we get all the letters needed written.

See, the great thing about letter writing is that it does sooth the soul and offer people hope. All communication does, but there’s something special about receiving a letter in the mail and knowing that it’s genuine and encouraging. Many of the women who will get these letters are fighting the disease alone. Can you imagine having to face a disease alone? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that someone out there is reaching out to you and hoping for you too? I think so. If you’re interested or want to spread the word, I encourage you to. In fact, I ask you to. Details are in the posting from last month and available through the Girls Love Mail website.

5. “Her” street art has me excited! Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well. Not at all. So I took a sick day. I decided to go for a walk to get some air and to pick up some items to make soup so I could eat and I came across the following image on the street.

That picture really makes me happy. Part of it is the Arrested Development reference it conjures (yes, I’m a bit of an Arrested Development freak), but really, there’s just something about the juxtaposition of the extremely girly and “learning penmanship” cursive of the word with the wood, the pink yarn, the red and white graffiti, and ,what you can’t see, but is lurking to the right side, the chain and lock holding the wooden barrier together.  For some reason, this simple piece of “art” made me love the October day so much more than I expected to.

Of course, I believe that things happen for a reason and we see things that help guide and move us, but I have no idea what this symbolizes in the greater scheme of things. I do know that really excited by what it could mean.

6. I’m hosting a session at Etsy for my team, The {NewNew} on October 26th about blogging. It is not being produced on a large scale, we’re keeping it small, but there’s possibility for it to become something that could be live (not me, but the series) eventually. But yes, the blogger will talk about blogging. I’m already trying to figure out what I’m going to say. I’m a bit nervous, too, but then I just have to remember to the early days of blogging when I got in trouble for talking about someone I shouldn’t have and also talking about my episodes in Bikram Yoga. Oh, this is going to be awesome!

7. Last, but not least (and quite aptly on my favorite number), tomorrow marks 30 days until the NYC Marathon. Which I’m participating in. Amazing. I am as equally excited as terrified. I’m not sure that I’m ready, but I know I’m excited.  In all the excitement of October, I’m sure that November will be ushered in just as excitedly as well, I just might not be running in glittered shoes.

Hooray for October! Hooray for exciting opportunities! Hooray for everything you have going on, too!

As always, stay tuned because I’ll be posting and sharing details and tidbits about all of these as they pass by.


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