Thanking A Little Army Called Friends

This morning I was all geared up to write this post.  As a matter of fact, I was in the middle of formulating the sentences during my walk to the bus, but then coincidence struck (or maybe it was the Universe and my Dad’s spirit?) and it stopped me in my tracks.

During my walk,  I spotted a man that resembled my father. His outline was the exact to my Dad’s. I didn’t get a great look because I was so shocked that all I could do was say the words “no!” and cover my mouth. As I slowed down and walked around the car, I saw his profile and only registered the facts that the guy was a big guy with lowly shaved hair, a beard and goatee, glasses, a large belly and hands-I immediately started to cry.  I mean sobbing, body shaking cry. I cried the entire bus ride to work and  for a bit when I sat at my desk. They could possibly have not looked alike, but from the silhouette it was a guy that looked and reminded me of my Dad.

This isn’t the first time I’ve spotted a man that resembles my dad on the streets of NYC.  However, this is the first time in a while that I’ve had to stop to catch my breath because the shock and crying were too much for me to handle.  As I walked to work this morning with tears in my eyes, I looked up at the sky and said a little hello to my Dad.  I smiled because I know that my dad doesn’t want me to cry. Death is part of life and life continues and prospers thanks to the impact and influence of death and the people who leave a lasting impression. You know the story of how my Dad inspired and me and I know that he continues to do so. This morning was a reminder of that.

In all of the emotion that exploded from me this morning, writing this post stayed on my mind. In fact, it lit a fire in my belly to thank all the amazing friends in my life.

In every aspect and phase of my life, I have maintained that I am who I am thanks to my awesome family (drunks, crazy, poor, and everything else) and friends.  I’ve also always included a few guys from past relationships and still do-they influenced growth.  In the end though, it always boils down to my family and friends and I include friends that I’ve recently met along side the friends I’ve known for years.

See,  I come from a great background and my parents have always been 100% supportive of me. There are many factors-my parents struggled, my mother is an immigrant, and while my mother has a degree, my father only had a high school diploma-his career was driving a truck and chasing freedom (something I understand all too well).  When it came to me, my parents always created an environment where I never felt I needed to confirm or be anything other than myself.  They accepted me and my choices-friends, college, clothing, jobs and everything else- beginning as a four-year-old in a pink tutu dancing around to Madonna before all the guests visiting our home would leave for the night.

Fast forward 26 years and I am still essentially a four-year-old dancing around in a pink tutu (and my Mom still goes along with it), just with a bit more style and I have managed to become a bit more sensible about my eclecticism. Okay, maybe not a bit more sensible, but I’ve gathered enough sense to know when dancing around in a pink tutu is ideal or not. It is only then that I make the decision to either attempt to seem “normal” or just rip off my clothes and show the pink tutu underneath (every silly, stand-out-of-a-character knows that she has to always be prepared for any given moment!).

Which is why my friends are so deserving right now of this shout out-this electronic thank you note from me.  My friends, many of whom I’ve known for years, allow me to dance around them in this pink tutu and what is more, they encourage it and support it. How can a gal be so lucky?!

Yes, reader, I’m sure that you’re probably thinking that your friends are cooler and more gravy than mine, but you are mistaken! My friends are some of the best. They’re kind of like my army. More so, they are also growing little armies (kids) that love their pink tutu wearing Auntie Sara meaning that I’ve got even more of an army than I thought!

The great thing about my friends (little army) is that they aren’t always hooting and hollering their support, but instead like silent ninjas, they are there watching and waiting.  See, they all have their own lives with spouses, other friends, children, jobs, vacations, and family, but they also take time to be part of my life. They send me mail and emails with all kinds of love and encouraging sentiments, donate to my charity events, review my designs and sometimes even do things like edit my resume and cover letters (Alice, Katie C, Katie G, Mary, Esther, Mark, Paul, and way too many to list by first name); They attend reception events, cook meals for me and walk all around the city with me (Amy); They inspire me with their own gifts and talents (Dodie); They make me laugh (Erin);  They joke around about being my assistant, but sometimes really do things like an assistant would (Geeta); They place orders from me (Missy, Jenna, Dawn, Erin, Crystal, Taria and a few others not included here); and they are my  “greatest fan” (Eric).

I know that all sounds like a lot of giving and giving in ways that are tangible, but it isn’t. While placing orders from me and making donations to a good cause is actual money, just knowing that they are reading my emails asking for money, or are considering me to design something they have a need for means much much more to me.  In return for this amazing out pour of love, support, and encouragement, I return with undying support, loyalty, and truth. They also get “crazy” Sara in a pink tutu that always is there with her loud personality to lend anything she can along with spreading cheer.

If anything,  my pink tutu allows me to dance around and make people smile.  If my nearest and dearest are embracing that, which they are, then they are keepers, true blue keepers.  Which is why my friends are like rich, thick, brown gravy at Thanksgiving and why I have to give thanks to them and their support today and every day, but especially today.

Simply put, S2 Stationery and Design would not exist without them.  Okay, maybe it would, but it wouldn’t be as fierce. They inspire and help me create new things. They push me sometimes when I don’t want to push myself. They also always help teach me important lessons. I’ve learned some amazing customer service lessons from my friends. They are just as much of a force as my Dad.

THANK YOU FRIENDS! You’re an AMAZING small army that reminds me to be the best person I can be daily. Love you! 

Oh and reader, if you aren’t already a part of this small army, you can be  if you want! You just have to reach out and who knows what possibilities may come from it. Reaching out is the first step.


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