Introducing Gina Mulligan AND Announcing “Girls Love Mail” + S2 Stationery and Design Volunteer Partnership

As many of you know, S2 Stationery and Design is committed to social good, eco-responsibility, positive change, and snail mail. We are always on the look out for organizations and people doing good things and how and where we can collaborate and I can help, which is why I am oh, so excited to announce this partnership between S2 Stationery and Design and Girls Love Mail.

It should be no surprise that as S2 Stationery and Design has evolved, the stationery world has exploded. There are tons of stationers out there making a name for themselves by creating gorgeous product and trying to bring back the art of letter writing.

While I am definitely proud to one of those stationers, I am also proud that I can commit a certain amount of my business and work to organizations that are in sync with the basic premise S2, “Live well write often – love, laugh, smile and be.”

Several weeks ago, I happened (thanks to twitter) upon an article about Gina Mulligan, a writer and mystery lover, who also created a program called Girls Love MailGirls Love Mail (GLM) links women together through the art of hand-written letters.  The goal is to “give the gift of a hand-written letter to a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer”.

GLM was created while Gina was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and working on her epistolary novel “From Across the Room”, a novel comprised entirely of letters. While undergoing treatment and writing letters for the book, she received over 200 letters and cards-many filled with personal stories and well wishes from people she had never met. The letters were uplifting and from that feeling of having a wonderful support system she had an “a-ha” moment and was inspired to create a system for breast cancer patients suffering alone, without a support system of their own. The program encourages women from all backgrounds to sign up and share a story or simply encourage another woman during the difficult times that come with the breast cancer treatments.

As someone who has known a great deal of women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer, and has had a grandmother pass away from the disease, I was completely touched by Gina’s program and mission. I contacted her immediately via email and twitter with big ideas and offers to help and a relationship was struck. We’ve thrown some ideas around about ways to promote the program.  Our goal is to get 360 letters written and delivered in the next few months.

S2’s part in all of this is designing stationery for writers to print out and write on and helping get the word out about this great program and recruit volunteers. I’m a helper, not a taker-over when it comes to projects like these. I tend to see them as opportunities to help others achieve more and in the process learn from the project, the people and myself. With that in mind, we are offering a “thank you” gift created by S2 Stationery and Design to the first 100 writers who sign up and submit a letter.

Can you tell I’m excited about this? I’m extremely excited about my new developing friendship with Gina, but I am so excited for the opportunity to help Gina’s amazing charity really take off and share the beauty and art or letter writing with those in need. We have pledged to be snail mail buddies, but at this time all of our correspondence has been electronically. However that will change!

For more information about Gina, I suggest you check out her welcoming website. You can also read about Girls Love Mail there, too! If you’re interested in signing up to be a Girls Love Mail writer, please contact Gina. You can contact me too, but your information will be forwarded to Gina.

Once you sign up, we’ll send you a PDF (yep, GLM has personalized stationery!) for you to print out and use (or not use to) to write your GLM letter.  The first 100 women to sign up and complete their letter (we’ll know it’s been completed once you mail it to us) will receive a special thank you gift from Gina and Sara. That’s it! Easy! All we ask is that you write from your heart.  We don’t promise that your hand won’t cramp (it happens when you haven’t written in a while), but we do promise that you’ll enjoy yourself and the woman who receives it will, too. Also you never know what may come of this—inspiration, but maybe even friendship.

At this time, we’re creating a list of volunteer writers. When the GLM stationery is ready, we will email everyone the PDF. From there the magic comes from you! So come on sign up and share the news with your friends and loved ones


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