Labor Day!

I’ve always interpreted Labor Day as a day of showing appreciation for the work that we all do, but also to give ourselves a break from the day-to-day working life.

This year as I do my crazy organizing, I have a much stronger appreciation for the holiday. This Labor day weekend, I’ve treated myself to a slower pace by trying something new (African dance classes), cooking (yummy CSA veggies), lounging around, spent time with family, writing letters, waking up and showering later in the day, and reading non-stop, but  I also realize that I am an entrepreneur and a small business owner and therefore, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “break”.  My brain is constantly thinking of things to do with paper and fabric.

This weekend in between relaxing and enjoying, I also bought paper, purchased fonts, conceptualized ideas for Crafts in Chelsea and some orders I am currently working on and have just today started my crazy organizing project. My goal is to do this before fall is upon me and I’m overwhelmed.

I am treating this Labor Day weekend as a new year cleaning period. I’ve realized that in my moments of not being motivated, I am simply overwhelmed. There is paper everywhere and my room and closet aren’t breathing. If they aren’t breathing, then how can I, who spends most of my home time in my room going to breathe?

Again, I realize the significance of the holiday and the long weekend and do believe I am worthy of a break, but THAT is the hardest thing about trying to find balance when owning a business and having a life separate from my passion. I am not complaining at all. I just now see how I need to pay more attention to what I collect so that in the future, I can put my feet up at the lake or sit in my aunt’s apartment and watch tv and knit.

Alas, it is time for me to sign off on this posting and turn to my paper stash and start doing an inventory and create ideas for how to use the product I already own now that the holidays are approaching.

On that note, I hope that everyone out there is having a wonderful Labor Day and is doing what they need to, to prepare and move forward for the coming cool and cold months.  Happy Labor Day!


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s2 stationery & designs

A rule-breaking designer, artist & entrepreneur who's passionate about paper and handcrafting stationery. I also write, travel, and focus on eco + social good.

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