Announcing (from the Beach)…Crafts in Chelsea!!

Greetings readers from Rohoboth Beach! Yes, yes, I’m beaching, even with hurricane Irene on the horizon. Don’t worry, I do have a healthy fear of the ocean and will not venture in with crazy waves, or anything else that seems not right.

Because I want to dash to the beach, this posting will be brief. I want to announce that the official posting for Crafts in Chelsea. For those of you who don’t know, Crafts in Chelsea is “the bi-annual event started by PS11 and the [NewNew} York ETSY Group, and helps to fund PS11’s wonderful arts programs (the wonderful school that sits on that block).” This year the event is being coordinated by Brooklyn Craft Central and I am pleased to announce that S2 Stationery and Design will be selling this fall (and hopefully, in the future!).

S2 Stationery and Design will be sharing a table with Angie Winnicka of Agasunset Studio, a fellow Etsian and {NewNew}er. I am oh, so excited to share space with her!

Angie describes her work in the following way “Tatting and other lace making is my passion, but not in traditional way. I love to redesign old patterns and give them modern twist. I am a mother and housewife. My life revolves around my home but my imagination runs with speed of light and complicates my daily routines.Read more about my line of thought and origins of my designs on my blog” (Angie’s Etsy profile).

My excitement for this event is also because I intend to introduce some new, fall and winter pieces in time for the holidays and also my signature collection that I’ve been dreaming up since the beginning.  I will be documenting the planning and production processes for this along the way. Make sure you check out this blog regularly in the next few days…exciting stuff, friends, exciting stuff!

Crafts in Chelsea will be held on October 15th on West 21st Street between 8th and 9th Aves. I hope you all save-the-date and come check out and support S2 Stationery and Design, Agasunset Studios and the many, many other {NewNew}ers, Etsians and craftians in NY.

I must now get back to the beach! Ciao until next week!


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