Receiving Mail

I am a HUGE fan of mail.

I’ve always been a huge fan of mail. When I was a kid I had pen pals in Italy and France, wrote letters to my cousins after we moved to Ohio, and have always enjoyed the art and happiness that comes with package making and sending.

I used to joke around about how I was going to singlehandedly save the United States Postal Service.  Now, of course I can’t save the postal service if no one else is helping, but I’ve figured that by sending one piece of mail regardless of what-package, card, note, post card – that person will respond likewise and we will save the postal service!This may be one of my loftier ideas, but it falls into the whole give and take of life making it seem a bit more possible.

A  great example of this is a program that recently ended called Snail Mail My Email– a month-long interactive community art project that ran from July 15 – August 15, 2011 (their description from their website). The idea was genius and something I’m glad was done. While the mailing was one-sided, the impact of one person receiving a piece of mail created a ripple effect, I’m sure. Even though the project has ended, I look forward to seeing what they do in the future and how they, and I’m sure countless others with similar ideas, help grow the “real” mail industry.  Of course, S2 and I will be part of this movement.

You can imagine that the level of joy I get from sending mail (to the 3rd power) is magnified by, oh, the 10th power when I receive mail. Which is why the last few weeks I have been extremely happy to get home and find pieces of mail waiting with my name on them.

This week I’ve gotten a few pieces of mail that made me smile. The first was a letter and picture of my child (no, he’s not really my child! I just support a child in Ecuador, monthly,through Children’s International. I’ll blog more about this in another posting.); the second was a thank you card from an extremely dear friend (he is so dear, he may be one of the dearest of my life!).

I got both pieces on separate days, meaning I’ve felt high as a kite all week, but my reaction to both pieces was almost the same and yet slightly different:

1. In the case of the first mail, I instantly put the picture and letter on my fridge and brought my new photo to work so that I can be reminded of the promise I made to my child when I first got my job 4 years ago.

2.The second piece of mail made me cry and smile at the same time. It warmed my heart and I felt so much love. I also felt like the Universe was back to being kind to me.  She was back to encouraging and supporting me through the energy and written word of my friend.  See my friend E (I’ve written about him before) is one of my biggest fans. He has been since the beginning (the day we met) and when I came back and said I was building this business he encouraged me and still is; this card is the proof in the pudding. He knows me and my spirit quite well, I must admit.  The other reasons why I felt so overwhelmed by this piece of mail was because of the following:

1. This was the first time I had seen E’s handwriting. Hard to believe, right? Let me tell you, handwriting means and says a lot;

2. His personal message inside was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment;

3. The card had a manifesto on it that I’ve been eyeing for sometime thanks to pinterest.  I remember the first time I saw it, I told a friend, “we need to make a manifesto like this for myself!” Little did I know that the same manifesto that started a manifesto building craze in my mind would come back to me in it’s real form.  You can view and read it below.

As for what I have done with the card, well, it can be found in my purse residing in whatever book it is that I’m reading as a bookmark. I’m completely aware that the card will probably disintegrate (it was made on completely biodegradable paper that comes from elephant poo) from being handled so much, but I don’t care. I love that for the next months and years, I will open whatever book I’m reading and be reminded of these words and E. Really life is about the small things.

For those of you interested in buying a card with the manifest above, you can find it on Holstee’s website. The manifesto is there company manifesto and I love them for having one. Quite inspiring! Support them!

Oh, and send real mail. It really does make an impact and change lives.


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