On Writing and My 100th Post!

I’ve written 100 posts. Can you believe it? I can’t! Well, actually I can, but still, I feel like I just started writing this blog a month ago.

Actually, I’m stunned to see that my year anniversary of blog writing is approaching next month. Holy bologna! I’ve decided not to announce the anniversary until the actual date, but you get the idea- S2’s blog is going to have an anniversary! We may have to throw a little party on the blog. When I’m ready, I’ll post the details here.

Okay, I just got way ahead of myself there.  In all the excitement, I sort of forgot that I have new wedding orders that I need to get working on. Maybe planning an anniversary e-party is not the best idea, but you never know…anything is possible!

So back to writing…

Last night, my best friend looked over my blog and said, “you need more pictures.”  Now, I take every comment from her seriously, so I started thinking about more pictures on the blog and I have decided that I will add more pictures, especially once I start creating more pieces, but I do not want this blog to ever become what most blogs are today-lite on content and more on photo collages.

Yes, I know that visual art is more attractive. I get it. I’m a designer and an artist. I’m down with the times. But, I’m also a writer. I’ve always been a writer (if only you could see the amount of notebooks I’ve carried in my 30 years and still carry (I easily, and definitely, have three in my purse right now. We’re not going to discuss how many I have in my “design” bag) and have a feeling that I will be until the day I die.

Which means that even if you don’t like that I don’t post enough pictures, I am always going to use this blog as a means to communicate my thoughts with words. (You can choose to not read my blog, after all. I don’t want anyone to think I’m being ungrateful. I’m just saying that I know some people will not like this and they have a right and a choice to not read my blog. Will it make me sad? Most definitely, but you know it’s just part of life – you can’t please everyone. )

After all, S2 Stationery and Design is about writing; it is not about photography (although photography does get me happy) or telling stories through pictures (I do like stories told by pictures!). It is about writing and the process of writing. Yes, the aesthetics of writing, too, but always, always, the art of writing and the skill that is required to be an amazing writer. Don’t confuse this with writing a novel, because I am talking about the actual art of writing and reaching the depth of your personal emotions and then sharing them with the  people you deem worthy.

It is also about sharing all of my experiences as an entrepreneur, new(ish) business owner, do-gooder, artist, stationery designer and crafter, reader, philosopher, big idea thinker, optimist, student, traveler and paper passionista.  I will share them as often and in whatever medium I see fit, but always, always with and through words.

This blog is my way of writing to each and every one of you my personal thoughts. It is my 3 times a week letter to you. I know these are not exactly individually written to you, but they are my thoughts and they are fairly personal and extremely honest.   No matter how busy I get, I will always take the time to write these postings and they will always be full of words and experience. That is my goal and promise for this blog and it will be as long as S2 Stationery and Design thrives and shines.

On that note, I leave you with a photo. Gasp! Yep, a photo of me sitting in a horribly pink leather chair in the volunteer house I stayed in for two weeks while on my Earthwatch expedition last July.  Quickly, the story behind this picture is that I mailed 37 postcards around the world from a little island called Robben Island. I spent money (I don’t even remember the full amount) on endless postcards, internet (to get addresses that I didn’t have written down) and stamps (I even mailed a postcard to myself to have the Cape Town and 2010 FIFA World Cup stamp as a memento of the amazing trip I experienced). My writing inspired one of the other women on the trip to send postcards out to her friends and family. I don’t think she mailed quite as many as I did, but she still mailed them. The picture is courtesy of her because she wanted to remember me doing the one thing she thought I was crazy for doing-writing out postcards to my friends. I think it’s exactly the perfect way to share my writing and to end my 100th blog.


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A rule-breaking designer, artist & entrepreneur who's passionate about paper and handcrafting stationery. I also write, travel, and focus on eco + social good.

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