So Many Classes, So Little Time

I am so behind in writing this particular blog. I should have written it the week of June 20th, when my last Japanese class took place and yet, I find myself today, August 3rd , updating you on my last Beginners Japanese class. Tsk, Tsk, Sara!

The quick wrap up to 10 weeks of Beginners Japanese is this-I finished and I passed. After class, my classmates and I took our instructor out for dinner at a Japanese tapas restaurant (that I had no idea existed) in the basement of a building. It was awesome! We also all agreed to sign up for the next round of beginners Japanese-intermediate level with Dai in September.

Due to gap in time between my last class and today, I don’t remember many of the details from that class, but I can tell you that I left feeling completely confident in my range of beginners Japanese.

Now, however, I am not so sure. I am definitely listening to my Japanese co-workers and I did buy myself a Sparkchart of Japanese vocabulary from the University of Indiana’s bookstore last week, but because I’m not in class, I have not studied. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the next round of Japanese and I am going to attempt to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to reviewing my text-book and studying vocabulary words between now and when class begins after Labor Day.

Which leads me to today’s posting and my dilemma, of sorts. I like to learn. Often and always. Whether it is something that I keep up for the long haul or not, nothing excites me more than signing up to learn something new. This doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be an expert and to be honest, there aren’t many things that make me want to become an expert; what it does guarantee is that I always have fun, be knowledgeable about lots of little things, and meet many awesome people in the process. I’m much more a subscriber to the “learn about a lot of different things and excel at the ones you like the most” philosophy.  I can admit it, accept it and keep moving along.

In the time between Japanese ending and today, August 3rd, I have filled my time with family, marathon training and ballet (for marathon training, flexibility, and peace of mind).  However, I learned after Monday night’s class that ballet is ending for the season next Monday and for the first time since the winter, I will have nothing to do on Monday night until after Labor Day.

When I look at time in this way, I am reminded just how quickly it is passing. I am also reminded of a comment a friend of my past said to me while I was a Junior in college, “Sara make the most of every day in your Senior year- it’ll be over before you know it and time will move faster than you ever imagined.”   At the time I scoffed.  Looking back, that was nine years ago and I’m now 30 with an almost “adult life”. Crazy!

Even though it was only six weeks ago, that Japanese class feels like forever ago. Which will not make my next foray into Japanese easy. I really need to practice!

Whereas Japanese stretched my brain in ways, I couldn’t have imagined, ballet is stretching both my brain and my body. This stretching is quite necessary I’ve realized, but it is also incredibly refreshing. Regardless of the sweating and the soreness, my body and mind feel great after an hour of low-impact ballet. Or as I like to call it, “old lady ballet” (I hope my instructor never sees that!).

Old lady ballet means that the class is challenging because I lack core strength and balance, but I am not in an intense environment that will one day lead me to become a professional ballerina for a company. Instead, it’s a group of 6-8 women and one man, ranging in age from 20-75,  who dress in yoga pants and/or sweat pants, wear ballet flats and attempt to gain balance and poise.  We’re also trying to get all the French dance terms straight so we know what we’re being instructed to do when the time comes.

Before joining ballet again in June, the last time I had strapped on my ballet flats was February 2009. When I walked into class I was a bit anxious to see what I remembered and how my instructor would react to my return. I shouldn’t have been worried. Yes, I was (and still am) a bit rusty, but my instructor and classmates (all the same) welcomed me warmly and expressed how glad they were to see me again.  With the exception of my vacation last week, I haven’t missed a class and my body and mind thank me continuously.

I’m looking forward to having a break of time for myself. I’ll be able to do some more business work, practice calligraphy, practice Japanese, cook,  and read more.  Of course I say all of this while flipping through the catalogue of classes available this fall at The Center for Book Arts and knowing that I will definitely want to register for the next round of Japanese and ballet, but I also wouldn’t mind signing up for Japanese Woodblock Printing and Book Binding.

I just don’t have, nor do I think that I have,  enough time! Isn’t that always the problem of a Sagittarius, but also an artist?  I think in the next month before anything starts, I need to get my logical brain in gear before another class comes along that entices me.


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