Moving Forward

Before I left for my road trip adventure with my little bro, almost two-weeks ago, I got the following horoscope:

Sagittarius: Do you stare for hours every day into little screens like those on smart phones, computer monitors, and TVs? If so, I recommend that you tear your gaze away from them more than usual in the coming week. A change in your brain chemistry needs to happen, and one good way to accomplish it will be to feast your eyes on vast panoramas and expansive natural scenes. Doing so will invigorate your thinking about the design and contours of your own destiny, and that would be in sweet alignment with the astrological omens. So catch regular views of the big picture, Sagittarius. Treat clouds and birds and stars as if they were restorative messages from the wide-open future. Gaze lovingly at the big sky.  (courtesy of Free Will Astrology)

As soon as I read it, I was giddy as could be. After all, I was heading out to the West to drive back East. Could Rob Brezny been more spot-on about “feast your eyes on vast panoramas and expansive natural scenes”?!

Me walking toward the sunset up in the Shenandoah Mountains, July 2011

Needless to say with extreme optimism and high spirits, I went out West with my little brother and, as I mentioned in a previous posting, traveled/drove through 16 states in 5 days. Amazing!  As we drove, I did indeed feast my eyes on vast panoramas and expansive natural scenes along with feeling the sensation of freedom that comes with being behind the wheel.

I’ve discussed freedom and my need for freedom before, but as I drove and looked out at the beauty that is the United States of America my passion was ignited even more than before. As I looked at reds and oranges of the rocks in Sedona, Arizona and bits of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I saw fall themed cards and wedding invitations.  More importantly, as I drove, I saw quite clear signs about my life in the next few years.

I want to be as clear as possible yet cautious when I make the next few claims.  I have always believed that when we want something, we must speak those wants out into the universe (yes, this is the hippie Sara coming out). In order for goals to come true, we must make them happen and there is nothing like speaking the words out loud, whether to a good friend, a few good friends, or even just the open air, to make them happen. I know that every time I have spoken a goal/desire, it has come to be. Yes, of course it has come to be with some extra arm muscle of my own, but it has also come to be because I have stated it. I have willed it.

This speaking has led me to both good and not so good things; all part of life lessons. However the one thing that I have struggled with the past year or so is that I state things and people expect them to come true. More so than myself.  I realize that this is mostly my own fault and also a result of me continuously doing the things I’ve said I will do. I am a doer and being a doer requires a great deal of responsibility and action. I am completely aware of this and I accept it, but in the past I’ve gotten some slack from friends that have questioned why something planned hasn’t been happened.

A great example is my idea to move to Italy by 2012.  For those readers who do not know about this plan, the gist is this-after I returned from traveling around Italy in 2009, I was so enamored with the country (I have been since I was 8-years-old), that I boldly stated that I was going to move to Naples, Italy and make stationery.  I originally said by 2011, but then realized I needed to be here for my little brother’s graduation in June 2012.  And now look, if I had moved in 2011, I wouldn’t have been able to go on the road trip with my little brother just last week. Again, everything happens for a reason and everything unfolds as it should.

Which is why as I drove and my life plan evolved yet again, I realized that nothing lasts for ever. Something I am okay with. We must remain flexible beings otherwise when things crash, or abruptly end we will face great disappointment. Not to mention, if we don’t allow for flexibility, we will never allow for new and potentially life changing experiences to move us forward.

Henceforth, my new plan:

1. Spend the rest of 2011 getting my business in forward direction (potential wholesale orders, complete and start wedding invitation orders, complete other stationery orders, strategize other revenue streams,  launch website, update etsy account, start goodsie site, create facebook business page – that’s a lot!).

2.  Save money and look at freelance opportunities to develop my revenue streams outside of stationery.

3.  See my little brother graduate from high school and help prep him for college.

4. Travel to Japan and South East Asia in late Summer/Fall of 2012.

5. Apply for internship at Hatch Print Show

6. Return from Asia and move to Nashville and Memphis for a year.  Also, apply for a Masters at the School of Visual Arts

7. Move back to NYC with less debt, more experience and (hopefully) to complete the two year program.

If none of this pans out as planned, although I have a feeling it will (unless something catastrophic occurs), then I’ll probably move out of NYC for a bit and focus on stationery.

Stationery will be the main focus here because it is my passion and it is what I want to do.  Along with all the clarity and shake-up that I received from this trip was the following two things:

1. I mailed a postcard to a friend of mine and yesterday received a message that said, “thank you for the post card you sent me, it means a lot. It made me happy and was nice to wake up to.”  My response to him was, “your reaction just helped solidify why I make stationery.”

2. While traveling, I received notification from my Etsy New York team, The {NewNew} confirming that I had been selected as a new writer for the team blog. I am so excited!

Several weeks ago an email was sent out about joining the blog team.  I know what you are thinking- “Sara, aren’t you stretched thin enough?” Yes. Most definitely.  However, even with everything I have on my plate this can not hurt;  it can only help me build my editing/writing portfolio.  Starting this month, I will  have one or two columns to write.  I am looking into writing a green column for artists. My first posting is due August 30th, which also happens to be my Dad’s birthday (he would have been 55 this year). I find it promising, encouraging and a new challenge. Needless to say, I’m excited for the new opportunity.

Which is why I think I needed to write this blog today. I needed to reel in my thoughts and goals and get them down so I have a better sense on where I am headed and in what direction it will lead S2 Stationery and Design.  This posting helps me to see things as clearly as the signs for Arizona State (for my little brother), my dad’s name (on the road) and the emblem of the United States Marines (something a little private).

It seems as though I’ve created a new set of goals mid-year. How exciting! Happy New Mid-Year to me!

I hope that this posting helps you to consider a mid-year review. Happy moving forward. It is the only way to move!

In the spirit of moving forward, exciting things are happening this month in the S2 Stationery and Design realm.  Stay tuned!


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