Five Weeks of Celebrate Brooklyn in Words, Pictures, and Video

This weekend marks a full month since Celebrate Brooklyn! kicked off in Prospect Park on June 10th. It’s crazy to believe that my May and June were consumed with making product and now I’m just trying to get people to buy it!  It’s also crazy that it will be over just as soon as it began.

I can honestly say that the past month has been amazing! Everything about Celebrate Brooklyn! has been wonderful. Sales not included, I have had moments of exhaustion shuttling from one point of Manhattan to another to Brooklyn and yet,  I have often stood in our booth and thought to myself, “yeah, I’m tired, but here I stand in a booth, selling goods that I and some talented ladies have crafted, while listening to some great music and being surrounded by nature! How awesome!”

Prospect Park is beautiful and there is nothing like the smell of trees and grass and breathing in the fresh air after sitting in an air-conditioned office all day and walking out to the streets of Manhattan to inhale fog, exhaust fumes,  and everything else that adds up to pollution.

The second half of this adventure is a bit in flux- my shifts are starting to dwindle the next few weeks and now, the end of July is shaping up to be full of a big adventure that will alter my plans for the summer and the rest of the year – meaning I’ll spend less time with my product and attending the concerts – and I am okay with this. I’m actually excited for it.  I need the change and renewal that this new adventure will bring, just as I needed the adventure of Celebrate Brooklyn! to wreck some havoc and give me focus.

While I’ll have less time at Celebrate Brooklyn! I am excited by the shows remaining and the shows I will be working. Every night that I spend surrounded by great food created, cooked, and served by The Farm at Adderly (they’re amazing!), great ladies supplied by The {NewNew}, and fabulous music courtesy of the talented artists themselves, I remember just how lucky of a gal I am. After all, it is the moment in life that count!

So, without much ado, and as the title of today’s post mentions, I present below some pictures from my nights at Celebrate Brooklyn over the past five weeks. I honestly thought I had some more, but I can’t seem to find them (in my exhaustion, I seem to keep forgetting things!) and so this is going to have to do.  There’s also a video from last Saturday’s Steel Pulse and Natural Expression Rhythm Band shows. If you want to see some seriously amazing photos from all the shows, check out Celebrate Brooklyn’s photos on their Facebook page.

Oh and before I forget, this Saturday not only am I working, but it’s Hip Hop Saturday thanks to Lyricist Lounge featuring Raekwon and more.  I think you should all come out!


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