A Belated 4th of July

Coming back from a vacation takes a toll. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been busy beyond measure since my return, but alas, I’m here and ready to post. I’ve got some great topics for tomorrow and next week and I’m excited to get to writing! However before I get to those, I need to share my feelings on this past 4th of July holiday.

Last Friday was a bit of whirlwind for me.  I spent the long weekend with good friends in my old home city Washington, DC.

I had such a great time visiting friends and family and taking in how much my old neighborhoods have changed and evolved. I should also mention that this trip was a great reminder of how I have grown and how much the people I love have grown as well. 90% of the reason I went to the DC area was to see and meet one of my dearest friend’s baby. I am so glad I went! At nine-weeks-old, he’s quite a charmer and easy-going fella. He smiled and cooed and was just a wonderful creature to hug and hold.

5% was to get a way without completely getting away. I was able to visit another city, get out-of-town, away from my apartment and NY life. It was just what I needed. It was also nice to completely step away from everything business wise that I’ve been doing. June was a complete cluster of Celebrate Brooklyn! related things and now with my shifts winding down and my running schedule taking shape, I’m moving into other areas for both business and life. This weekend was a way for me to move in those directions.

The last 5% was to see my mom, little brother and nephew and a few other friends. The time spent with my family was awesome and eye-opening. As I sat around testing my nephew on spelling, encouraging him to read Harry Potter, and stressing the importance of reading (although he does  like to read and asked for books for his birthday), I realized that what I am doing is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. This isn’t a surprise at all, but I like when the stars align and show me signs.

Now, getting drunk and not running was not part of the plan for the weekend, but they both happened and I had fun doing both, or rather not doing one and doing much of the other. In the end, the weekend was a success!  I stand by this fact even as I now float through the days of the short week we’re I am stressed out about not getting this and that done for the business and having meals prepared for me to eat during the week. It’s crazy, how busy we are! Completely and utterly crazy! What’s even more crazy is how guilty I’ve felt all week about running late, spending money, not finishing things, throwing out veggies, and canceling on people.  What I should really feel guilty about is not sleeping, which leads me to bad decisions and choices (not all of them) and means that my guilt should really be directed to how poorly I am taking care of myself. I thank aging to this realization by the way.

I’ve said all of the above to share something that I read last Friday. Before leaving my desk and NYC for the weekend, I got my daily newsletter update from DailyWorth, a financial website and newsletter for women, and ventured into the weekend carefree.

Everything about the article on Friday was liberating!  It still is!
As a matter of fact, I remember thinking as I read it, “July 4th is a half way point into the new year, so why not start using it as a way to revisit my “resolutions/goals” in January?  And so I am.  

I am making July 4th weekend of every year a chance to look at where I am mid-year and really reassess my business and myself. I don’t recommend doing this too often, but I think doing it briefly mid-year and a much larger one at the end of the year is a perfect way to reflect and refocus.  I haven’t yet quite finished my mid-year review-remember, I’m feeling guilty!- but it is on my plan for this weekend and I’m very excited.

As it says in the article,   “But it’s time to stop living in the past, regretting your choices and feeling guilty, irresponsible, frustrated, fearful, and stuck. It’s time to move forward—and create a better, smarter, more empowered future.”  

Which is why today, as I stress out about getting things done and crossing off items from my to-do list, I bought a chocolate chip cookie from Starbucks and decided I needed to share this brief blurb of awesome with all of you readers and entrepreneurs. Let’s get liberated from the past and move toward the future!

Also you should totally sign up for the DailyWorth newsletter. It’s full of wonderful ideas and inspirations! While it focuses on finances, I know it’s helped me in other areas, too.

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July and your long weekend! Here’s to the second half of the year!


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