Second Anniversary + Entrepreneur Music Mix, Volume One

Happy 2nd Birthday S2 Stationery and Design!

Yep! It’s been two years since I started this crazy ride called S2 stationery and design business, or rather Sara’s Stationery Company. It’s been both a fast and slow journey, but one that I believe will pick up even more steam as it enters it’s second official year! Kind of crazy to think about actually!

You may recall that two years ago, all of this started with the death of my Dad, a marathon in Rome, and an extensive trip through Italy, Spain, and France. Between the end of that trip in Europe and yesterday, June 1st, I’ve taken some design classes at NYU, some art classes at various centers in NYC, completed a good three dozen customized invitations and stationery orders and now, I find myself here, with Celebrate Brooklyn! on the horizon, an inquiry about business collateral, a wedding order coming to completion and who knows what else!

I came back from my Italian trip with a plan in mind and while it hasn’t gone 100% to the T, I’ve stayed on course. One are that I need to work on is my true design goal that I have not dedicated as much time to, but I know will come to fruition this year, my second year. A promise to myself and awaiting clients.

In honor of my business anniversary, I am posting a picture of my first ever project done under the name of S2 Stationery and Design.

I distinctively remember when I decided to make these cards. They were a gift to a dear friend of mine who had graduated college that year and was celebrating a birthday. It was also a very calculated, although sincere gift. See this friend of mine is currently a freaking rock star, but when he graduated, I knew he was going to catapult to stardom and be something special and I knew that if anyone was going to help S2 prosper, it would be him. Now, I don’t want you to think I gave him a gift with intentions, because I didn’t. What I did was create something for one of my favorite people in the world, who also happens to be a shining star. As I created and crafted, I kept in mind that if I could get him on my team, then my road to success would be easier than other roads I could travel.

My intuition was correct. Not only did he love the gift, he went home and showed it to his Mom, who became my first official non-friend customer. She and I are now friends and I adore her to pieces, but then, she placed an order for 150 pieces for an event that was something I had no real experience with and I was super nervous.

Two years later, that event shaped how I handle every large scale order I receive, I am also now on my third wedding invitation order. So see, my dearest friend E was my golden ticket a la Willy Wonka. His response, support, and encouragement are still in place and amazing. When I think back to two years ago, I think of the following three things:

  1.  My Dad
  2.  Cinque Terre, Italy, and Montpelier, France
  3.  My friend E (of the above gift)

Which leads me to NOW. With two years in, I’ve got a lot of emotion. A lot. And so to celebrate my business birth, anniversary, and future, I decided to add some music.

I make mixes. Lots of mixes. I love mixes. Actually, I make a mix called “the LOVE mix” each year on Valentine’s day and then I send it to all my girlfriends, single, married, dating, engaged, sad and/or happy. It started four years ago and I’m still chugging along. I’ve also made mixes celebrating my 25th and 30th birthdays with selections made by friends. Which makes it darn right proper that I’m now starting what I call the “Entrepreneur Mix.”

I’ve spent the past couple of days thinking of songs to go on this mix and this is what I’ve come up with. Do not worry if a song you think should be on it is not (do feel free to suggest songs in the comments though!), I have a feeling there will be MANY volumes of the Entrepreneur Mix. As they continue, these mixes will likely reflect moods and patterns for each phase.  This first, celebratory mix is more about the early stages of starting a business – the inspirations, frustrations, and joys. It’s not perfect and it’s really in no real order. I mean for every minute of the day that I spend thinking and focusing on S2, I think about the following:

  • I need more money
  • I need to quit my job
  • I need more experience
  • I need more respect
  • How the hell do I do all of this?
  • I really love paper!
  • I really love making things!
  • I am taking care of shit today!
  • I’m NEVER going to finish
  • I can’t do this!
  • Girl, you are freaking nuts!
  • Why are you doing this again?
  • There is NO way I can do this full time. None.
  • There’s a new idea!
  • I am so freaking cool!
  • I need to talk about myself more
  • I need to talk about S2 more
  • I hope they love this as much as I do
  • Thanks Mom & Dad!
  • Thanks Friends! What would I do without you?!
  • I am going to change the world!
  • Am I doing this right?
  • I really hope I’m not wrong.
  • If this does not cut correctly I am going to scream!
  • Boy, I’m exhausted!
  • I never want to cut another thing again!
  • I need another coffee. Now!

EACH of those thoughts cross my mind at least three times a day. Which helps explain the erratic rhythms of the mix. I really did not sit and put this together in any order aside from pulling songs that I felt belonged. Here is the playlist:

Let the River Run, Carly Simon
Today’s the Day, Aimee Mann
I Need a Dollar, Aloe Blacc
Run, Air
Superwoman, Alicia Keys
Hacer Dinero, Amparanoia
Respect, Aretha Franklin
Takin’ Care of Business, Bachman-Turner Overdrive
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, Bauhaus
With a Little Help From My Friends, The Beatles
Emergency Exit, Beck
Nice Work If You Can Get It (Rondo Brothers Remix), Billie Holiday
It’s In Our Hands, Bjork
The Go Getter, The Black Keys
Pioneers, Bloc Party
Burn the Maps, Castledoor
The Wind, Cat Stevens
Golden Years, David Bowie
Rhapsody in Blue, The Gershwins
Weapon of Choice, Fatboy Slim
What You Waiting For?, Gwen Stefani
Shine, John Legend & The Roots
Whistle While You Work, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Bigger Than My Body, John Mayer
Firework, Katy Perry
Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare), Kid Cudi featuring Mgmt & Ratatat
Dog Days Are Over, Florence and the Machine
When You’re Traveling At the Speed of Light, These United States

I am quite in love with this mix. I listened to it while writing this posting and all I can say is that it will definitely have me rocking and moving this year. On that note, I must get back to finishing the touches on Celebrate Brooklyn! production and inventory, dance and sing along to my mix AND eat some birthday cake. Yum!

If you’re celebrating a business anniversary or new birth, congrats! You may want to dance a little dance and sing along to some of the songs on this mix. Don’t forget, if you have any suggestions, please let me know in comments–they may just make it to Volume 2!


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