Watashi wa Nihongo o benkyoshimasu, AKA Japanese, Week 7

I really hope that sentence above is correct. I think it is, but you know, I tend to second guess myself a lot when it comes to me and my Japanese learning. If I did put it together correctly, then I said, I study Japanese.

Anyway, yesterday’s class put me at the seven week mark and I can’t believe that I have only three more classes before I am no longer a beginner Japanese student. Of course, I will always consider myself a beginner Japanese student, but no longer am I just a girl with no Japanese knowledge.  I am a girl that can conjugate verbs and listen and understand and more importantly, I can say things like “Moo ichido itte kudasai” which means “please say it again,” or “Wakarimashita” which means “I understand/I understood.”

I used both expressions several times last night, but only because Dai felt like he could rapidly ask me questions in Japanese once he realized that I was completely capable of asking and answering questions in Japanese. However, toward the end of each question/answer, I’d trail off on my verb conjugation because I wasn’t sure.  But after I finished, Dai would say, “Hai. correct Sara-san, but next time more confidence okay? ”

So now, in the next three lessons, I have to focus on finding my confidence when speaking Japanese.  Which I suppose is really a lesson in finding my confidence in life. I’m not going to make a weird comparison between life and Japanese, but I am going to say this, if I’m going to sell my stationery confidently and on a larger scale, I need to find my voice and my confidence and it begins now and continues for the next three lessons of Japanese and beyond.  I know that I don’t lack confidence on a larger scale, but I do in areas where I think I have the potential to fail. This needs to stop.  I know that S2 Stationery and Design won’t fail and therefore I need to actively own up to the confidence I feel inside. If I can do that with speaking Japanese then I can do it with everything I set for myself  moving forward.

Which is why I’m going to take all the verbs we’ve learned the past four weeks and create an excel spreadsheet with them properly conjugated into the three tenses we have learned. After that, I’m going to write out the particles, adjectives, adverbs, and nouns that we’ve been using in class so that I have a better memory of them and then I’m going to do what I remember was one of my favorite things in elementary school, write out peanut butter and jelly sentences. In case you are unaware of what peanut butter and jelly sandwich sentences are let me explain. They are sentences you create by combining two vocabulary words at a time.  I remember these being quite effective and challenging in the fourth and fifth grade and so now, I’m going to use them to learn Japanese.   Yep. That’s my plan. Japanese peanut butter and jelly sentences for the remaining three weeks of lessons because duh, I study Japanese!


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