Japanese Verb Conjugation, Lesson 5. Is This the End?

Last Monday, I skipped my fourth Japanese lesson. Hence you not hearing a peep about my latest adventure in learning Japanese.

I know. I know. How could I miss a class?

Well, something called a migraine crept up on me and if you suffer from migraines, you know that when they strike, they hold no boundaries and hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks. So last Monday night, I took the bus home and climbed into my bed for a 3 hour nap before waking up to eat some soup, watch the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” and go back to sleep. Sigh. The exhausting life of a busy woman/entrepreneur.

Anyhow, not knowing what went on in class last week, I walked into the doors of my class yesterday, both a bit unsure and a bit sad that this was my final class for the five-week period. I also went in realizing that there’s no way I can sign up for the next five-week session, regardless of how badly I want to because I have stuff to do every night of the week until Celebrate Brooklyn! launches. And then, during that period, I’ll be engulfed in everything relating to Celebrate Brooklyn! until August. Oy!

Even with this realization, I was ready to tackle it all! Whatever Dai was going to throw my way, I was ready!

Boy, was I wrong.

Sort of.

In my experience, I’ve learned more about the rules behind the English language by attempting to learn another one. My stronger awareness of English is thanks to years of writing, but also the seven years of French and the four years of Italian I studied between the ages of 11 and 22. Yet, I’m aware that I still don’t always use commas correctly and sometimes I can be a bit overzealous with my prose. And I’m going to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, I give in to writing out the trio of there, their, and they’re just to make sure I’ve used it correctly. However, over all, I’ve got a control of the English language, which is why when we learned verb conjugation Monday night, I had a bit of an easy time with it.  Although, easy is the wrong word here.

When I say easy, I mean that I understood how to use the tense and how to put the sentence together with the correct tense, but after that, I was back to square one. This class week’s class was a bit of a review, but also we learned some new verbs, vocabulary words, and how to use the verbs in the tense that I would prefer to call “desirable future tense”, but is not called that at all, is simply known as the “I want” tense.  By the end of the class I was capable of saying, “I want a Prada bag.” Ha!

I was also able to say: “I do not want”;  “I did not drink”; “I went shopping.” Those are just mild variations of all that we reviewed and learned and by the end of the class, I felt really, really proud of myself.  I also felt quite proud that I was able to listen to the questions that Dai proposed to us in Japanese and respond correctly. That was a HUGE achievement, especially since Japanese has always been a hard language for me to even listen to in the past. But no more! Hooray!

Upon leaving the class that night, I realized that I’ve come a long way in the last five weeks and I need to keep this momentum going. As I walked home Monday night, repeating out loud sentences and words we had reviewed during class, my brain felt much more expanded.  This is going to sound odd and make no sense, but I actually felt like I could feel pockets and spaces in my brain getting wider thanks to that night’s lesson. It literally felt like a whole new world (thanks Aladdin!) was opening up and freeing me from emotions and thoughts I had been feeling prior to the lesson. Not to mention, these pockets were hungry for more.

I’ve talked a bit before about how learning new things is so important not just for entrepreneurship, but for personal development and it was this moment that I realized just how true that is. I don’t make a habit of talking about things I know nothing about, but I do like repeating things that I truly and deeply believe in and this is the case now. As I walked home and attempted to get some work done, I realized that these Japanese classes are not just a way to approach my next phase of work life, but it’s a great way to gain new and different perspectives. Those pockets that opened and were hungry Monday night, have fueled me to continue being creative two days later and will probably see me through the next few weeks to Celebrate Brooklyn!

On that note, I registered this morning for my next round of Japanese lessons. I signed up for them to start in August, but I’m beginning (regardless of what I said above) to think that maybe, just maybe it’s worth it for me to take the classes this session. I have until 5 to decide. You, on the other hand, can just wait until next week to see if there’s a new class update or not. Stay tuned…

Oh, and really quickly, if you have a story to share about language learning or just hungry, pockets of space in your brain, please share. Stories are worth sharing, not keeping!


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