I Think I May Have A Crush On My Japanese Instructor

Okay, I’m kidding.  I really am.  He’s just, well, too cute! Actually, in class yesterday he ran across the room and he almost looked like a ballerina. It was a gorgeous and delicate run that I was a bit jealous that I would never look as composed or as effortless as he did/does. Hell, I’ll never look like a ballerina when I run.

Um. I’ve digressed. Sorry!

Last night was lesson three. I only have two classes left! I can not believe it. And now I’m anxious to see if we can continue.  Last night, Dai told us that the class will continue as long as three or more students sign up. I think that me and the one woman are definitely interested in registering again, but we’d have to see if any of the other students or even other people not currently enrolled are interested in keeping the program rolling. Sigh.

My fingers are crossed because I LOVE my instructor (crush not withstanding).  Dai is patient, knowledgeable, and fun. Last nights class was a complete representation of Dai and his teaching style, although he was a bit off. He admitted to losing concentration and he couldn’t remember our names most of the time, but we all joked and laughed and HE even cursed at one point.  I was pleased.

Last night’s class was mostly a recap of last week since the two students who did not attend last week were in class this week. I am really glad we recapped. Really glad. I have such a better understanding of “Kore, Sore and Are” than I did before. I’m also a lot more comfortable with larger numbers ie., numbers ranging from 20 to 100. I have a long way to go before I can get 100 pronounced properly, but I can also now count above 100. Again, I need to practice, but this is good! Oh, I can also say my birthday. So in case you’re curious, my birthday in Japanese is: juuni gatsu ichi nichi.

The other thing that seems much more clear is the use of “wa.” See, “wa” always follows the subject, or as Dai explained:
If you have x + y then you ask the question by stringing the sentence together as: “x wa y desuka?” When you answer the question the subject is always first so if asking for someone’s birthday you would say:

Q: Anatano tanjoubi wa itsu desuka?
A: Watashi no tanjoubi wa …

I barely gave you all the information you need here, but anatano means your, tanjoubi means birthday, itsu means when. In the answer, Watashi no means MY but for females. Males can, but rarely say Watashi no, they say Boku no.

So there you have that.

We did learn a few new things, too, such as our vocabulary for this week are terms for family members: mother, father, big and little brother and sister, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa and we also learned the proper way to ask for a specific item that is either near or far from you or the other person: Kono, Sono, and Asoko.

I could stand to practice my Japanese letters more, even though Dai says that this isn’t a writing class and therefore we shouldn’t focus on learning to write. My thoughts are why not? I mean, if he’s showing us the letters that correspond with the vocabulary words, then why shouldn’t I just dive right in?

There is that little voice in my head that keeps shouting (clearly NOT little) that I can’t dive right in because I still have yet to fully practice my calligraphy since that class ended and because I have to start churning out inventory if I expect my summer to go without a hitch (can’t disclose what is going on just yet, but I will soon!), but still I’m not listening. I want to stay engaged in Japanese. I feel like I can really learn this language. And I’m excited by this prospect!

I also feel like I don’t want to learn the language from anyone else, unless I’m in Japan learning directly from the people who I’m studying paper making. I realize things can’t be this black or white and that I should be excited to learn and practice Japanese with anyone I can, but I find that for myself, when studying a language I respond best to people who are patient and more understanding. I am completely comfortable with Dai and I felt completely comfortable in last night’s class which I suppose is why I’m so excited today. Yay for Japanese!


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