Silent Auction Night

Last Thursday night, I participated in an event for the Earthwatch Institute.  There were two major things about the event that you should know:

1. I was on the Junior Board for the event.

2. I donated a 50 piece custom designed order to help raise money for the Earthwatch Institute.

Above are pictures, that I took after setting up my area and of the silent auction table. The photos are all centered on me and my item, but there were some great things for auction including a three month pass to a yoga studio, a condo to rent in Colorado for two weeks, jewelry, tickets to Yankees and Mets games, etc. It was such a great feeling to be part of such awesomeness.

The night was not only great because I had my items on display for some of NY’s high society to view, but because I was overwhelmed by being surrounded by seven lovely and amazing people. I had some of my dearest coworkers attending as guests representing our company , but I also had two of my dearest friends whom helped to celebrate the evening. The entire time they were super supportive and kept going to where my item was placed to see if anyone had bid. One of my friends even placed a bid to get the night rolling.  Their expressions and constant support was enough to make me feel like a million dollars, enough to say, “keep on, keeping on, Ms. Sara!”  I can not thank them enough.

Over all, the evening was a HUGE success. I learned just today that the evening raised an additional $100K for the organization. Which is amazing! I’m so glad to have been part of that. So glad.  I was also notified today who placed the winning bid for my item and I am looking forward to working with them.

All I can say is YAY! YAY! YAY! I think I can say cloudy skies are gone for today.


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