On Timing, Reading and a MacBook Pro

You may or may not remember that I posted something about timing briefly the other day. I’m going to talk a bit more about timing.  I’m a fan of timing. Or as this guy once told me, “this just proves that timing is everything.” So true.

I suppose the even bigger question is what role does energy play in timing? I firmly believe that timing is a direct presentation of our personal energy. For example, take me this morning- I woke up groggy and not looking forward to the weekend, only because my room is in the worst state of mess possible and I’m tired. Obviously, my energy was a bit off, but I realized that it was completely off after watching my MacBook Pro die. It only got worse after that-I went to get my clothes from the closet and my hanger snapped in half and then I went to re-toast my bagel just a bit to warm it up more and it burned. I stood in my kitchen saying, “of course this happened. of course!” Granted it’s a hanger and a bagel, but my Mac was dead and therefore everything else would play into that.

At that point, I did what I could do. Hung up my clothes on another hanger, finished getting dressed, ate my burnt piece of bagel, called my job and notified them that I had a personal emergency and would be late and then got my butt on it’s way to the Apple Store’s Genius Bar in Chelsea.

On a positive note,  Señor Mac it is now ready for pick up. Thank goodness! Even better, I had the extended warranty, so I didn’t have to pay to have the hard drive replaced.

On a negative note, I didn’t back up my laptop this week like I had reminded myself to three days ago and so I lost a few things that I worked on this week and some new music I just bought and downloaded.

Right now, I’m just glad that Senor Mac is up and running and that all will be okay. Why? Because I can not afford a new mac at this time and my mac is my personal life in a box. It contains S2 Stationery and Design, most importantly, but it contains my memories.

And so, friends, lesson of the day is that timing showed me that it rules the show. But I showed timing that I would, and can,  roll with its punches.  Something I think every entrepreneur and human needs to know in order to succeed in life.

All of this got me thinking about how we bring things together with our energy and our how sometimes we feel like things have been brought to us in a moment of need, or when we’re ready.  It made me think about past instances when I wasn’t expecting anything and BAM, there was exactly what I was looking for, or the times when I misplace something and I’ve gone crazy looking for the object(s) and can’t find them for the life of me, but then, BAM, the minute I stop looking, I find them. All timing.

Then I thought about the friends in my life. The new and the old. I realized that timing has everything to do with the people we meet and the relationships we cultivate.  A great example of this, is my friend E! I met him randomly while traveling to Prague and he was exactly what I needed- he was traveling alone as was I and it was the day before my 27th birthday (which I spent in Paris with good friends), but I felt a bit odd traveling alone in Prague, but there was E! who kind of swept me up and made that day amazing.

I have even experienced this with books. Yep. Books. I have gotten my hands on material that I didn’t know I needed to read at the time. Yes, we all pick books and articles, etc to read based on our thoughts, opinions and interests, but I have had a few amazing instances where I’ve begun reading something, maybe because it was suggested to me, or it was an article in a magazine I’ve already been reading and BAM, the article was therapeutic to my soul.  I could give you quite a few examples of this, but I’ll give you my three favorite, or maybe most meaningful:

1. Place: Florence, Italy. Time: 2:00 am.  Year: 2009. Book:  Women Who Run With The Wolves. Experience: My dad had just passed away a month prior to this encounter and I was reading this book of amazing stories and came across a story about a woman that is kept away from her natural self by marrying a man and producing a child. The woman then goes back to her natural self, and leaves her life, including her child. There’s this point where they meet at the end and the mother tells the child that she had to, that she wasn’t happy, that she needed to be free. It was at that moment that I sobbed and had a better understanding of my dad’s death. It didn’t heal me, nor did it make my grief go away, but it made it slightly easier to understand. I should point out that I was reading this book because I was looking for something- something that might ease my pain and my hurting soul, but I was not expecting what I got from that one story in this book.  I highly recommend this book to every female.

2. Place: Bench outside of apartment in NYC. Time: 1:30 pm. Year: 2010. Magazine: Oprah Mag. Experience: I had just gotten back from brunch with a good pal and felt exhausted, but I had said I’d go to my aunt’s house instead for the day. As I got back to my apartment, I called my cousin and told her I felt tired, but was going to head on over, but really just felt tired and sad. She told me to take a nap and then decide if I wanted to come over or not. I said okay, but instead sat on a bunch in front of my apartment and pulled out my copy of Oprah Magazine. I sat there reading and eventually laid down on the bench while reading and crying. I had started reading an article titled, “The Secret to Surviving Life’s Low Points,” by Martha Beck.  I remember reading it and crying and realizing that I needed to grief more and be okay with just grieving. It’s natural to grieve and be sad and sometimes just be.  After that, I went up to my apartment, napped for 2 hours and then spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and baking. In other words, I just was.  Another very important lesson to learn.

3. Place: Subway. Time: Don’t remember. Year: 2011. Magazine: Ready Made.Experience: I mentioned in my posting titled, “Magazines” about the wonderful new (and FREE) subscription I recently received to Ready Made Magazine and I gushed. One of the reasons I gushed was because receiving this magazine was a whole complete instance of timing in itself.  The day I received the magazine, I remember distinctively putting together my list for a selling opportunity I will be participating in this Summer and saying I really need to get my recycled X (details soon!) line together. I got home not just to find Ready Made Magazine in my mail box, BUT it was all about recycling items into functional pieces. It also contained an article titled, “How Did You Get That F*&%ing Awesome Job?“. It was also a day in a week, where I just wanted to walk out of my office and never return and this article made me realize that I can make S2 Stationery a reality (not that I needed that reminder), but when you’re ready to walk out the door, and yet you’re paralyzed from fear at not knowing where your next paycheck will come from, it’s enough to stop you in your tracks.  Cindy Gallop, who is interviewed in the article, makes the following statement, “But at the end of the day, the only person who is going to make things happen for you is you. The single biggest luxry in this life is being able to do what you want, when you want, and how you want, and not give a damn what anybody else thinks. Know that, because that is what emboldens you.”  I don’t have to tell you again that it was exactly what I needed without being aware. The page was dogeared  and I’m sharing it with you today, so it’s clearly something that has and will continue to stick with me.

Again, I’ve had many encounters where time has been in and out of my favor, but each time, I’ve gained something. All in all, I’d say time and her timing is worth the wait and the patience.  Especially when building a business and working on building a better YOU.


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