In the past two weeks I’ve been stocking up on magazines. I know, I know, HOW archaic can I be?



I like paper, so um, duh, I’d love to read actual print on paper and that includes articles in magazines.  Not to mention, I don’t quite enjoy the burning sensation my eyes experience when reading constantly on a computer screen. So I choice to continue to read on my preferred medium. That does not mean I don’t respect the world of technology, instead I choose to respect it and respect my preference as well. No worries, you e-reader, I don’t dislike you, or your kindle. I just like my paper copy of my magazine.

Having said that, I’ve definitely been known to have a fickle relationship with the print medium. My first magazine ever was Highlights. My mom subscribed my brother and I when we were children and I’m still amazed at how excited I am when I think about or see a copy of recent issues of this publication.

As I grew, my interests developed and my first “real” magazine subscription was to Glamour at the bright young age of 16. How I read those articles at that age is beyond me, but up until last year, I still received Glamour.  That’s a solid 14 years of receiving one magazine.  In those 14 years, I’ve received quite a few other publications: “Eating Light,” “Health,” “The New Yorker,” “Everyday with Rachel Ray,” and  “FOOD.”  When I moved to NY, my interests changed yet again and so I scaled back on some and now only receive, “New York,” “Forbes,” and “Oprah.”

Sometimes I miss my days of  receiving “Glamour” and some of the other magazines, but the reality is that I’ve outgrown a few of them. I knew this was the case when I realized that I could get through an issue in an hour. That includes having skimmed or completely ignored a few articles. Normally, I tend to ruminate over an article or several, extending the period it takes me to finish reading a magazine from front to back over a period of days.

These self-imposed rules however do not stop me from considering other magazines and I have been known to grab a new magazine at the checkout to take home and peruse.  Most of the time, this does not lead to ordering a subscription. However this month, I’ve just added two magazines to my rotation: “Inc.” and “Ready Made”.

Ready Made magazine was a gift. Seriously. I thought someone, maybe a friend of mine, learning/knowing of my crafting interest and my paper love, sent me a surprise subscription as a gift. I was both wrong and right.  I couldn’t figure out who would send it and there was no letter with the magazine when I received it in the mail a few weeks ago. I called the Ready Made subscription center and the guy told me that the publisher/magazine company decided to send me a free six-month subscription to the magazine. I’m assuming that I am on a list somewhere and that’s how they got my information, but I was nonetheless pleased.

It’s rare that we get anything for free these days. I am not so naive to think that I won’t be expected to subscribe once the free offering is over, but I’m just amazed that a magazine, especially in this day and age where magazines are moving toward the world of tablets and smart phones, was willing to risk money loss to send me a free magazine for a six month period. Of course, they won’t lose money because at the end of the offer I will subscribe, but it made me feel good. It made me feel like I had just one money from a lottery ticket, albeit a lottery ticket I didn’t pay for, but nonetheless, a lottery ticket.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other crafters are doing. It also made me feel like I was getting linked more to the art/craft/recycling communities.

Inc. Magazine is a bit different. I’ve  always known about Inc. It’s a very reputable publication amongst small business owners and entrepreneurs.  My interest in business magazines has only been a recent development, so I hadn’t quite gotten to Inc. on my own, however back in February there was a photo shoot call for Etsy sellers for a piece being done on Etsy and the creator. The call was announced through the Etsy community and since the loft is located by my job, I decided to take my lunch break and try to be part of the article.

The experience was fun! I had never been to a loft as gorgeous as this one, nor had I ever been to a professional photo shoot, but I enjoyed the experience. When I left, I called my mom and told her I had been part of it, but had no idea if I would be included.

Well, this week, the article came out and I was pleased to find that my photo made it to the mosaic of Etsy sellers introducing the article. I was amazed, shocked and excited. As a matter of fact, I went to Borders and bought all the copies they had on stock. Kind of vain, yes, but also really amazed that I had some sort of press. I wasn’t interviewed, but not only is my photo there, my name and the type of business is posted as well.  The business category is wrong, but hey, I’ll still take it and take it with a huge old grin on my face, too. So. Absolutely. Worth. It.

As I sat reading my way to the article about Etsy, I ended up reading some great articles that made me think, “Sara, you need a subscription!” I’m only about 3/4 of the way through this month’s issue, but as you can guess,  I’m a subscriber now, too.

I think I may have to dedicate a night a week to staying up late just to read through all these publications. I’m jesting now, but you never know.

If you have any magazines you think I might enjoy, please share them. I’m always curious and interested, not to mention I’m curious about you, too, fellow reader.


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