Video Blogging, Take One

Readers! I’ve got some exciting news. I did my first instructional video blog and it’s currently live on The {NewNew} blog today!

The blog posting/video is part of their tutorial series running this month in honor of National Craft Month. The posting is titled, “Tutorial: Recycle Those Grocery Bags into Terrific Envelopes.” As a member of the Team, The {NewNew}, I volunteered to help write a posting and then offered to give video a try. I had been a bit itchy with trying out video tutorials and since I’m ever the eco-warrior, I decided to offer making envelopes out of brown paper bags, commonly known as grocery bags, but other funky bags you get from shops work just as well, and often times add more color.   The posting also includes a PDF of the pattern I used to make the envelopes.

Making this video was easier than I thought. I was nervous going into and anxious that my friend, Mr. Michael Mooney, who was in the director seat, would laugh at me and possibly make fun of how I sound on the video (I think that’s one of the insecurities that comes with always being the guy’s girl, you know, the girl with a ton of guy friends, that you end up being the butt of all their jokes). In the end, we took only one take and Mr. Mooney was great. Not only did he hit the start button, he left me alone for a bit of it and also helped stalk Sasha the cat, who was stalking me and the table. (I don’t think you can see his tail in the background anymore, but he’s there, watching and waiting.)

The reason Mooney ended up being the director is because I wanted his wall. The orange wall I’m sitting in front of, was exactly what I wanted and with the sunlight coming through the window, it made it even better.  I didn’t want to work in a dull environment because well, I didn’t want a dull video. I realize that a dull video does not have anything to do with a wall, but honestly, your background and environment have everything to do with the creation process. If you’re not comfortable, then you won’t come across as comfortable and the video is not worth the time or energy.

For example, we were supposed to shoot the video two Sundays ago, but that day was just a sad day in NY. It rained and rained non-stop to the point that I was tired. By the time we decided to give the video a whirl, the day had gotten darker and I felt exhausted. I know if we had recorded that day, it would have been a waste-you would have been able to see my exhaustion and the set would have been dark. It would have been more gloomy than anything else. Not to mention, we would have ended up just having to re-record it this past Sunday.

There are things that I did learn–must have more space and the camera should be on something instead of on the table. Not being critical of myself at all, I just realized that while I was able to see everything during editing, after exporting viewers can’t see the table. I’m glad that I’m such an expressive person that I knew to hold things up, but that’s not enough. Should I make another tutorial again, I will be prepared. Have no fear!

Either way, my first video is complete and I’m quite pleased. Furthermore, I’m even more pleased that I could help create content for my team. The more involved I get with The {NewNew} the more I find out about the amazing women and men that are out in the city making new, cool things while living their lives in a creative way. It’s inspiring, it makes me happy and I’m so glad I have a network of awesomeness surrounding me.

I highly recommend that you read their blog and that you check out the video.  Enjoy! Stay tuned for another video down the road…


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