Learning from Erin Conroy, Comedian Extraordinaire

Last night, I attended the second show of “Motherboy,” a comedy show hosted by one of my best friends Erin Conroy. The show runs every third Wednesday night of the month at Bar on A at 11th St and Avenue A in Alphabet City.

As I’m sure many of you will understand, stand up comedy can be tough to watch. Not because you go in expecting to not find someone funny, but because sometimes comedians just bomb. They start awkward, or they end up awkward, or they just aren’t even funny.

Now, I’ve been to many shows that Erin’s performed in both in DC and here in NY and well, she’s taught me a lot:

  1. Never look adversary in the face.
  2. Pick yourself up and dust your pants off even when you’re not feeling like it, and go back on stage.
  3. Always offer support.
  4. Finally, when you can’t make the shows come to you, you make the shows yourself.

Again, I’ve seen Erin perform in lots of comedy clubs and now, she’s performing in a show that she’s managing. She opens the show and then introduces a rotation of comedians, some really talented and a few not so talented. Not her fault at all. Some days you’re just off and honestly, you never know who or what will be hit or miss, until you try.  But what I’ve seen is that she promotes them all, the good, the bad, the funny, and the not so funny. She gives them all her attention, her time and most importantly her support.

It doesn’t just end with the other comedians either. She gives the same to her friends. Last night, I got a text from her after I had gotten home thanking me for my support. All I could respond with was that I support her because she’s talented and full of a dream. That’s the ticket, people-dreaming, or rather being able to dream. Yes, sometimes you have to go at the dream from a different angle in order to truly succeed, but dreaming means you’re alive. It means you’re able to see things that are bigger than you. Erin’s dream is to make people laugh and there are few dreams that mean much more. Making people laugh is a rewarding dream and I think Erin does it well and will make this happen on a larger scale in the future.

Now, I tell Erin honestly when I think she needs to work on things. As her friend, I think I owe her that. Nobody wants to be lied to when dealing with a dream, but what I love about Erin and another lesson from her is that failure only makes you stronger. It makes you hungry and I’m hungry for Erin. I want her to taste that success.

I know she’ll make it is not just because she’s appreciative, but because she gives back. She supports her fellow artists and they support her. That is the greatest lesson. I’ve said it before–when you give back to the community, you become flexible and start to see things with eyes more open. This leads to an openness that allows for more opportunities and when they come, you take them and can truly make things happen. Over the past nine years I’ve has the pleasure of watching Erin do this and she’s inspired me and continues to do so.  I am definitely a doer, but I’m always inspired by the people in my life that are constantly doing things that help them grow and involve following their passion.

Thank you Erin for being a comedian extraordinaire and a good friend. You know I’m rooting for you!


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