Japan, Time and Life

For those that do know and for those that don’t know, Japan is my future.  I am not getting into specifics because a formal announcement will be made in the coming weeks, but nonetheless, Japan is my future. Which is why it hurts to watch what is going on currently.

Thursday afternoon, I jokingly wrote on facebook, “thinks that maybe Japan is ready after all…” and then traded some comments with friends and family about how it wouldn’t be ready, blah, blah, blah. It was all in good humor. The reality (and I’m not making myself up at all) is that most things, places and people aren’t ready for me. I’m just a strong personality, but not too difficult to get used to.  Either way, the next morning, I woke up to news of a strong, powerfully strong, earthquake that caused a tsunami that washed away not just homes and lives, memories and history, but altered the coastline and landscape of North Eastern Japan.

The earthquake apparently altered the axis of the planet and moved Tokyo 13 feet closer to the US. Our planet is amazing. Truly amazing. And it shows us constantly that no matter how much we try to control things, we can’t. Forces beyond our capacity to understand will always alter the way we move around on this vast planet. This is a fact.

The only thing we can do is change how we do things and live our lives. Whether we decide to make every moment count, change the world,  live to society’s standards or choose not to, or simply slack off and do nothing, we must make these decisions because we never know when we will no longer have options to make those decisions.

I tend to think that Natural disasters are really humbling experiences not just for those directly affected by them, but for all man kind. I know for me, they are a time to reflect on what I’ve done and where I want to go. They also allow me to appreciate all that I have and have had in my brief 30 years.

The past three days, I’ve sat at my desks (work and home) attempting to write one of three postings this week. All I could think about was writing about Japan and making every moment worthwhile. Maybe it is because I sit at a desk questioning whether I am living worthwhile on a daily basis, but I can’t get it out of my head.

It’s also why I’ve done work every morning upon waking and every night upon getting home. Yes, I still eat my dinner and with the TV on and eat breakfast while reading a magazine,  but all those projects that I’ve been working on, or putting off to work on something else that seemed/s more relevant to my business, have been pushed to the forefront. In other words, I’m not wasting any more time!  Those projects are just as much of my legacy as any thing else I do, and while yes, they can easily be washed away should a powerful tsunami strike NYC, I will be proud of them and the time I dedicated to not just creating them, but giving someone something to love as well.

I know that I will find sleep and peace along the way, in many ways,  but until then, I must forge on, be grateful, live in the moment and take nothing for granted because well, time waits for no one and you never know what’s just around the bend called life.


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