Mail, Away!

Today’s posting continues what I started yesterday…a list of awesome things in honor of Valentine’s Day. Except there is just one… something I forgot to add in my list yesterday…a listing I came across Friday afternoon on, in case you don’t know, is a website where independent artists can submit proposals for funding for their projects. An amazing idea when you think about it! Rather than asking friends for money toward your dream, you can instead post a proposal (pending approval) and have absolute strangers help fund your project. What’s even more amazing is that people actually do give money to fund people’s dreams. (I would LOVE to be able to use kickstarter to fund my little project as well, but I need to flesh out my proposal a but more. I think I could very well make it a possibility, but we shall see.)

While perusing, I was floored by the amount of different projects that people have going on. I mean seriously they range from book writing to album making to something that just jives with what I am doing… mailing random letters to people all over the world. You can read about this delightful project called “Especially Mysterious Letters”  by Lenka and Michael on their proposal page.

When I first read their proposal, I thought, “Damn it! They beat me to my idea!” Then I realized that I was actually pleased that someone else was taking on this project. I mean, seriously, do I have time to write letters to everyone around the world? No! So I got really excited and then decided I needed to share with you their idea. Mostly because it is so parallel and yet interwoven into what I am and want to do. These two are like kindred spirits! Hooray!

To me, nothing says love quite like a letter in the mail. A real one, not an email (although those do count in some way), or a telephone call. There’s something about the anticipation of ripping open the letter and reading it’s contents. Even when the letter is lacking, there is still something, a feeling of happiness and warmth, about knowing that someone took their time (which seems to be running out for many people), to write a note, address and lick an envelope, peel a stamp and place it on an envelope.

The fact that two people are taking it into their own hands to do so and spread joy and love, well I can only share their goal and send them positive energy that they will accomplish what they’re doing. If you’re so inclined, read their posting and watch their video and feel inspired.

One day until Valentine’s Day!


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