On Being Awesome

Readers, I’m sharing a very personal post today. It’s mostly directed to myself, but if you feel strongly about the topic or have experienced this as well, feel free to take the message for you as well.

Dear Sara,

You know that you’re awesome. You do. Yet, every time someone mentions how awesome you are, you can’t manage the feelings. You get shy and attempt to avoid having the praise bestowed on you. You change the topic, or start to say, “no, not really.”  Why? I’m only asking this because everyone likes to be praised; to feel like they are worth something and yet, you don’t.

Do you remember many moons ago, maybe 10 years ago conversations you had with a good friend about how you didn’t like when people pointed out that they thought you were pretty? How instead you wanted them to focus on your intelligence?  Well, you were wrong. You were wrong because at the time you were hiding from the fact that you had beauty in you. If I’m correct, it’s because you had yet to learn to love your body. You felt fat (there’s no other nice way to say it) and you didn’t know what you were doing or where you were going.

It makes total sense and the 30-year old Sara who is writing this understands and wants you to know that she understands. She is mature enough to see why and where those feelings came from. Now I (she) am telling you to accept it and drop it because it’s over. Yes, you aren’t your ideal 40 lbs  lighter self, but you love yourself. And you love the fact that your products are loved by other people. In fact, you love when customers and friends tell you that you are talented. You are getting better at saying thank you, instead of cringing and that’s a wonderful thing!

Your talent will only double and triple with the more comfortable you continue to get with yourself. You’re not ugly; you’re far from ugly, as a matter of fact you’re gorgeous, extra weight and all. This blog posting is not about your weight, but it is a letter of total acceptance, which includes body acceptance,  you will get better at graciously and genuinely feeling pleased at the praise, you already are.

Last night, when your customer and friend told you that she wanted you to open a store so she could invest in your products because you’re talented and awesome, you handled yourself well. Really well. You had tears in your eyes and your heart was in your throat,  but I think you’ve just had a lot of great things said about your work this week.

What I’m really getting at is that you are awesome. You do inspire and encourage people. You do work to make others happy and to be a great friend because you do care. You care about your work and treat customers and people fairly. That care makes you awesome. While it’s great that other people tell you this, you have to believe it first and foremost within yourself. Then accepting the praise will get easier and everything else will fall into place. It’s going to take work, but again, you’re getting there. You even enjoy a bit more now when people acknowledge your smile or pretty face.  Clearly it had to take you 10 years to get to this point and my thoughts are that you will only get more comfortable as you age, but I am super proud of your progress!

Keep it up! Go out there, make your stationery dream happen and when someone says, “Sara, you’re so awesome!” say thank you, give them a hug and then smile knowing that you really are awesome.




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A rule-breaking designer, artist & entrepreneur who's passionate about paper and handcrafting stationery. I also write, travel, and focus on eco + social good.

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