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So nearly two Sundays ago, I took a Sumi Ink class, recall that post?

Well, I had asked the instructor, Max, about learning where in Japan I could meet people who design and make the different paper types. He gave me some good bits to start with, but also mentioned an art supply store in the East Village to check out. His exact words were, “they have the best selection of paper in NY!”

Of course, those words were magical and so I had determined to set out a day and time to go and visit. The store is, New York Central Art Supply. This is all timely because I signed up for a copperplate calligraphy class  through the New York Center for Book Arts that starts Monday, January 24th.

If you can’t tell, I’m all kinds of excited. Not just because of potential business, but because I’ve noticed that my hand cramps after writing for long periods of time. It really really sucks. And it makes me angry, so I just force myself to keep writing.  By learning calligraphy, I feel like I’m honing in on skills, not just learning something new, but actually building steps to what and where I want my business to go. I would LOVE to be able to create invitations that are just a series of different calligraphy on paper. Never would an invitation be exact!

Not to mention, design wise, I feel like this will give me a different perspective. I will see things through squiggly, cursive lines and visualize them in other ways. I can’t wait for my altered state of space!

I tend to digress a lot in these posts, but that’s just because I get so excited. Either way, I decided to check out NY Central Art Supply this morning. They open at 8:30 during the week and are closed on Sunday and since I have a lot to do this coming weekend, I decided that going in before work would be the better choice.

NY Central Art Supply, is a cramped location, but they have two floors. The first, bottom level is full of paints, inks, pens, glues and any other supply of that nature. The second floor is where the paper is located. I had NO IDEA what I was getting into when I walked up those stairs,  but all I can say right now is that heaven does exist on planet Earth and it’s on the second floor of NY Central Art Supply!  They really have paper from all over the world. They have vellum, sheets with leaves,  hand-made and machine-made. The options are endless! If I had had more time, I would still be there now, I’m sure.

As I waited for the sales lady to bring me my sheets, I watched one of the workers making a box to send an order. I was fascinated.  I ended up spending $55 or so on five sheets of paper and two packages of paper made from cloth from India. The other sheets that I bought are from Japan and Nepal and blotter paper for my upcoming class.  While my intention was to not buy unnecessary things, something happened…I was suddenly inspired for an order that I’ve had on my to-do list for several months now. After my client came back and told me that she didn’t like my two designs, I  was faced with the drawing board again and just couldn’t find that place. Today that all changed and now I’m itching and excited to get back to the drawing board to create something beautiful.

I also know I will never go to another paper/art supply store in NYC again. I am completely and utterly ruined by NY Central Art Supply and I’m quite pleased with it.  I should also add that the customer service I received there was fantastic–while I perused the paper, I gave my list of supplies to the sales guy on the first floor and when I came down (different transactions), they were waiting for me to pay. Lovely. Seriously lovely.


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