A Guy Named Chris and the Word Dream

Last year, I landed upon the most magical blog ever created: The Art of Non-Conformity. I’ve discussed this blog several times here, I know.

I was at the peak of a depression. I hate the word depression, but the reality is that I was depressed. Majorly depressed. I couldn’t see the clearing in the clouds at all. Everyday seemed to start the same way–no excitement for the day, no enthusiasm for going to work, or seeing friends, etc. I just wanted to wallow.

Just for the record, I am not a wallower. I dislike wallowers immensely, so I started to dislike myself a lot. Needless to say, I got help and started to get things back on track, but one of the things that really helped me was a guy named Chris Guillebeau. Again, I’ve talked about him before, but his website came to me through an Etsy article.

That one suggested reading article, led me to a world where I felt I truly belonged. I started reading EVERYTHING he wrote. I went back in time to see where he started. I commented on a few posts. And I started sharing his thoughts with friends.

Back in September I had the fantastic opportunity to meet Chris at a Borders while on his book tour for the book quite appropriately titled, “The Art of Non-Conformity.” I wrote a blog on my other (personal blog) about meeting him and then a week or two later a blog reviewing his book. You can read both of the postings on my other blog, “Strides With a Smile.” As a matter of fact, my book review is the last posting I’ve done in a while. (I don’t suggest having more than one blog, By-the-way, it’s tough work, especially when you’re making invitations, designing cards and working a full-time gig.)

While at the book reading, Chris discussed the book and why he wrote it and then opened the floor to questions. Many, like me, knew Chris and loved his work, and many had just wandered in and were curious. One of the people in the crowd, who I got the impression knew of Chris, was looking for direction, for more help and so she started rambling on about the things she likes to do and how could she figure out what she’s supposed to do in life. A very large question to ask, not to mention, to ask of someone who doesn’t know you, but Chris offered some advice and then simply stated “if you dream about it, that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.”

I share this with you today, not just to give continued props and adulation to Chris, but because this morning, I woke up restless around 5. I was up and out of bed by 5:30. This is a rarity, even in my post-depression state. I just don’t like waking up early! But I got up because in my head, I was visualizing all the things I wanted to get done stationery wise. In my restlessness, I had developed an idea for a Valentine’s Day Card (I have romance on the brain, people!) and I was trying to figure out how the hell I would put two cards together and include a heart. Don’t ask (I’ll share more once I get it figured out) and so I simply could NOT stay sleeping.

I should have you know that this morning already included painting a vineyard theme on an invitation, cutting card stock out and trying to figure out the final touches for these cards invitations I’ve been sample designing.

What I’m saying is, if you EVER, EVER, EVER, wake up from a sleep with a dream very clearly in your head, explore it. Don’t let it get away. Even if what you dreamt about is an idea that seems obtuse, or no longer relevant in the world (paper? Who needs paper?!) follow it and see where it takes you.

Special thanks to the Universe, my father’s spirit, and Chris Guillebeau for all being part of my morning already.


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2 thoughts on “A Guy Named Chris and the Word Dream”

    1. I’m late even though I approved days ago. THANK YOU, CHRIS! I know it’s a small part, but it’s an amazingly influential part. I’ve said it before, but I am so luck to have come across you, your thoughts and your words. The world is in deed a better place thanks to you and people like you.

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